Your Ripped Abs – Avoiding Fast Food Flab

It does not take many sacrifices to turn your fast food flab to flat abs. All you need to do is to stay committed to the correct eating program and you will find out that eating healthily is not that hard after all.

You can still eat tasty food but please prepare them correctly. If you crave a burger and fries, brown the hamburger meat and rinse it in hot water before you grill it. Broil your fries in the oven and you have created a better choice. Eating lean is as appetizing as your creativity. It is in the preparation. Make better choices if you are forced to eat fast food. Lean more toward salads and grilled or baked foods that many restaurants offer now.

You should choose skim milk instead of regular, mustard on sandwiches and low-calorie frozen desserts instead of ice-cream. You can even use low-calorie salad dressing if possible. Many people choose to consume quick meals or sports drinks to replace the required energy that can be found on many foods. You should try to source for carbohydrates in natural food when possible and avoid processed food.

There are a wide variety of cool-looking sports drinks available in supermarkets. Sometimes these drinks can be too sugary, so you may decide to dilute them with water. If you sports drink turns out to be too tasty, it might slosh around too long in your stomach. Sports drinks that contain more than seven percent carbohydrates are absorbed slower than those with less sugar.

Usually, you will not need to consume sports drinks. This is because water is definitely enough for most of your ab workouts. In fact, your muscles are 70 percent water. Before you begin training, you should drink two cups of water. To keep your muscles full and tight, begin drinking six ounces of water every 20 minutes through your workouts.

For a start, I would suggest you to pair a tuna-on-whole-wheat-bread with a glass of skimmed milk for your post-workout snack. It contains a high percentage of protein and the protein will rebuild your abdominal muscles which have torn down after the intense ab workout.

Lastly, if you really miss the crunch of fried chips, you can put cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, carrots or celery in your meal to curb your fast food cravings. Spend a few minutes each evening planning the next days' meal and snacks. If you know what you are going to eat, you will not find yourself ravenous at the counter of a fast food restaurant.

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