You Diet Everyday! Why Are not You Losing Weight?

You diet everyday, or at least it looks but for some reason the pounds will not leave! You follow the "experts" advice and you exercise diligently but still you can not shed the pounds. What if the "experts" were not telling you the truth for a reason? What if they wanted to keep you captive to their books, products and pills? Today, I'm going to share with you the truth. . .

Recently, in a ground breaking medical study, it was found that there is little correlation between diet, exercise and truly losing weight. And I'm talking about the weight you diet to lose ever day – 20, 40, 80 or more pounds. This is what you diet for but looks like you can not "kick start" your body to do what the "experts" have told you works for everyone else. It's frustrating, I know. I was YOU!

In my quest to finally lose the weight I started searching the internet day and night until I found something that opened my eyes. For the first time I started to learn the science behind why we keep or lose weight from our bodies. Why you diet and do not lose while others do not diet and the fat melts off. What the study revealed was that the TYPE of food ateen in COMBINATION will actually adhere to the inside of our bodies like a plaque and will further cause additional foods to do the same. Day in and day out we build this "plaque" inside of our bodies and because you diet, it never leaves.

The best news of all is that this "plaque" is temporary IF you know what to do about it. If you know the proper nutrients to take in the PROPER order you can lose, almost immediately an insane amount of weight. Your body literally causes the "plaque" to disappear in a way that it never does when you diet. You see, when you diet you are focusing on the symptom. When you follow the formula discovered in this scientific breakthrough you focus on the true problem behind your weight gain

And, when you diet following the "expert's" advice you do not stand a chance!

The important thing to remember is that the experts want to have you diet FOREVER because it makes them rich in doctor's bills, pills and books. So, they are likely to snuff out this discovery forever because it will seriously effect their income. But, it's not to late! For a limited time you can read this full report and decide for yourself whether this is the key to your weight loss!

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