Day 933 Raw Vegan/Fruitarian/whatever/Lissatarian!

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Fruit on!! xo Lissa

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36 replies
  1. Prairiepickingirls
    Prairiepickingirls says:

    Lissa. I love it . We had some sweet spring days here in Kansas but now we have had rain for 15 days.. I still go to my favorite park places and walk. but I am so ready like you are… I hope you had someone with you while you were filming.. I am a freak about safety and I seek out hikes by myself too but they are in more park like places.. Just be careful sweets.. I love your channel and vid's.

  2. Verena Dierks
    Verena Dierks says:

    Thank you sooooo much for your Inspiration Video.
    When there is nobody eating Raw Vegan in the Real word it ist an amazingContribution to see YOU.
    And my pineallple in the Kitchen must be eated while the Video 🙂

  3. Cara James
    Cara James says:

    Hey Lissa!! Just giving a little feed back. I'm not keen on the mukbang thing. I've never really heard of it before but it kind of frustrated me. But I still love love love your videos and you help me so much. Thank you for being who you are. Cara. ?

  4. Diana K
    Diana K says:

    This video was making me smile all the time?☀️☀️ Loved it! That was a great tip for the pineapple, because i have the same feeling on my tongue, even when i think that it was enough ripe…thank you for that!❤️ Btw i use water for making onions milder?

  5. Rawhealingfood
    Rawhealingfood says:

    he he that day or Monday I started running a bit, walked the dog and even though it wasn't much, and though we're back to rain today in the Northeast kingdom, I still rode my bike to work and felt amazing plus falling asleep was super easy 🙂

  6. Marcey Green
    Marcey Green says:

    This is SO true. This perspective came to me just recently. At first I thought it was judgment as well but the healthier I ate, I realized that people do get a deep sense of "guilt" because they would like to take a healthier approach as well. But of course we don't judge them having poor eating habits, we've been there. Smashing burgers, steaks, fries, grilled cheese sandwiches. LOL Just hoping that everyone can see the value in these magnificent machines have.

  7. Cherylyn Robinson
    Cherylyn Robinson says:

    Everyone at work is shocked at the way i eat. They ask me what the hell i'm eating when i eat bananas wrapped in romaine, or a kg of clementines or dried kale chips etc. I eat like nobody else and i don't care. I get them to try my juices and chips and they love them and are really shocked they are nice. I let them eat what they want and what i eat is none of their business. I also drink water when i'm out. It is a really cheap night for me always. 🙂

  8. Garland N
    Garland N says:

    You nailed this mukbang. One of the things I have learned about mukbang is to stuff your mouth with each bite and then talk, lol… That fruit looks as good as your face says it is. All my favorites and I like to be the different one in the group I am with. Thank you Lissa.

  9. John Winger
    John Winger says:

    I love this format! Thank you for dispelling doubts about eatings clean/drinking clean, etc when others are not. Really helps affirm what I already knew. While on the inside I feel as though out of place from their perspective I may be inspiring them to follow suit.

  10. YorozuyaNeesan2010
    YorozuyaNeesan2010 says:

    Can I ask you a question Lissa? I've been all over YouTube checking things out now and I read in a comment somewhere that someone who went fruitarian ended up with a high number of triglycerides. Now, I've been loving eating so much fruit, but I was wondering, do you recommend that people get blood work done regularly, just to check their levels of certain things and what would you suggest to check for? Off the top of my head, I can only think of cholesterol and other nutrients maybe.

  11. Annetin Hurum
    Annetin Hurum says:

    Lovely video! Inspiring!
    I have tried your recipe for sweet chili sauce the last couple days, cause i really miss my sweet chili sauce that I used to buy in the store (not raw!).. That was my dressing always. Any how's, yours was really good. I liked the chia seeds in there! Nice idea! Today I had a passion fruit in the mix for more sweet/sour taste, and that was a hit for me! So cool to experiment with recipes like that. I will continue to try different mixes until I get it completely right.
    You are an inspiration!! Fruit on! ☺️??

  12. mrspanchavilla
    mrspanchavilla says:

    I didn't know what a "mukbang" was. Lol! I had to look it up. And yes, the whole time I was watching your video, I was thinking, "I need to work out too." "I should be eating that." I really wanted to eat the pineapple, strawberries, & cucumber. It's my new breakfast combo! Yet another inspiring video. These videos are so, so helpful.Thanks Lissa! AND I am enjoying your raw food recipe books!!!

  13. Brandi Mathis
    Brandi Mathis says:

    I went out to lunch with my sister a few weeks ago and she got a plate with 2 big steaks on it and she didn't want to eat it in front of me because she felt like I was judging her. I just had to laugh at it because I never said anything about what she was eating it was just her own voice in her head making her feel that way.

  14. Shelly Vinsant
    Shelly Vinsant says:

    I'm freaking detoxing from a week of raw. Holy Hell IM crying my eyes out because for the year of being Vegan I still didn't eat the best even being vegan. I need to hear every word right now. I admire You and Tanny so much and I've been watching you Ladies for almost a year and now I'm doing this for me but the detoxing is kicking my eyes at the moment… Thank you for this.

  15. Penny C
    Penny C says:

    Love your video. Yes indeed, I'm thinking exactly what you talked about, eat healthier and do more exercise. How did you make the mental switch to change your eating habits?. I have no will power when I see a bag of chips.

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