Why We Don’t Eat A Fully Raw Diet

Do we eat a 100% raw vegan diet? Do we eat a cooked vegan diet? Lots of viewers have been asking us questions about how raw or not raw our vegan diet is.

So we come clean here and share our story of exactly how we eat. If there’s one thing to take away with you, it would be to learn to listen to your body. If your body has trouble digesting a particular food, you may want to consider not eating that food.

All that we ask is that you go vegan, raw or not. Keep it high carb, low fat, and you’ll be on the path to great health.

Delicious high carb recipes. Health gurus & myths exposed. Weight loss. Let us inspire your healthy lifestyle journey with food, fun, and fitness. Look forward to two to four new episodes a week from these fit 40 somethings!

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26 replies
  1. NoExitLoveNow
    NoExitLoveNow says:

    I'm happy eating vegan. I don't even think about raw. That seems like another restriction which is not required.
    It can be healthy, but so can a non-raw vegan diet.  If it works for people great. I want my grains, potatoes, and cooked vegetables though.

  2. Louis Garcia
    Louis Garcia says:

    i was eating 100% raw i was too obsessed i could never eat with my boy friend so i didnt want to stress myself out or anyone around me so i eat raw when ever i want which i eat 80% raw vegan the rest i eat cooked food theres so many amazing vegan restaurants out there and usally raw meals are high in fat with nuts seeds and oil which im not a fan of but i still eat raw but not 100% i live in LA and its normally hard to eat all raw but im happy to eat raw vegan and be able to go out and eat cooked (:

  3. divinelez02
    divinelez02 says:

    Nice vlog, u 2!
    Thx! I am a "high-raw" vegan and love it. I may eat a cooked meal once or twice a month. It works for me and I see and hear urs works 4 u…it's ALL GOOD, BABY! I have watched U for a couple of weeks now and have learned fr/u to "KEEP-IT-CARBED…KEEP-IT-CARBED"!!!! =-O 

  4. Boyd McCollum
    Boyd McCollum says:

    So it's all fun and games when vegans share so much misinformation about cooked vs raw food? Makes one wonder how well these same folks are able to comprehend some of the studies around meat/dairy or other research. Doesn't say much for the depth of our medical/nutritional understanding in general that they can't come to a consensus on raw vs. cooked foods.

  5. heart796051
    heart796051 says:

    I went almost full vegan, when I started to have gall bladder problems. I turned around and went from 254lbs at the beginning of my pregnancy down to 215lbs after the baby was born. I will tell you this, I was happier animal product free and now that I have been back on animal products, i have gained weight I have become moody and I have honestly decided I  should switch back over. However Freelee and Durianrider really are extremists. I can't afford to eat like them but since finding ya'll I have had alot more success sticking to my vegan diet. Please post more recipes!

  6. Marcellina West
    Marcellina West says:

    Your videos are the best! I'm doing a marathon and watching them all day to catch up. I'm glad you do a lot each week because I'm a stay at home mom so I can watch while I prepare food or feed my kids! Keep it chill baby! 

  7. ॐPromethean Ash-Shakur; Pratyekabuddhic tetragrammaton of Metatronic Ascension (-_-*)
    ॐPromethean Ash-Shakur; Pratyekabuddhic tetragrammaton of Metatronic Ascension (-_-*) says:

    I was diagnosed w/ Crohn's disease a few months ago & find a regimented vegan diet to be the optimum chose for me (I'm about 50%-75% raw), thus I love your videos & the positive energy y'all radiant via Utube; I must "thank" the both of  you for sharing.

    PS  O'er 45?!… Wow, y'all look younger & healthier than the generic 40yr ol' archetype.

                                        – Amitabha, Namaste, Bless, & Peace b' w/ u

  8. Charley Mears
    Charley Mears says:

    Ya'll, I was watching a documentary, and the host explained that cooking is like a predigestion. So cooking food certain foods may be healthful, for your stomach. Plus chewing and and sucking the juices out of your veggies or fruit is good to. When I'm thinking about it* 😉 I'll try to chew until my food is like a liquid then swallow.

  9. Merry Molly
    Merry Molly says:

    I really like this video. I eat mostly raw during the day and in the evening I eat pretty much like you guys. But, I have found, just like your friend, that I have trouble digesting the cooked food. I have not been pure raw for years on end, but I am in my sixties and that may have something to do with my poor digestion. Since I don't seem to be able to be 100% raw (I just like a little cooked vegan food) it was suggested to me to supplement with enzymes. I did this and Bam no more problems digesting food. I thought all the talk about enzymes in raw foods was hooey for a long time. I take two capsules at the beginning of a cooked meal and all is well.

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