Why Veterinarians cant recommend raw diet for dogs and cats….Peter Caine Dog training

Peter Caine dog training

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15 replies
  1. Joanna Jarvis
    Joanna Jarvis says:

    Hi Peter. We are planning on feeding our Springer a raw diet to improve his health. We have a baby in the house. Would eliminating chicken from his diet reduce the risk of salmonella? Any advise would be appreciated. Jo

  2. Joanna Jarvis
    Joanna Jarvis says:

    Thanks for the advice Peter. I have got the hang of the raw food now. We just went ahead and they love it. We have also weaned his puppies on raw too including chicken, beef, lamb, rabbit. They love chicken wings and chicken carcass, as does their dad. The puppies have thrived, not given anyone Salmonella. We are all fine, baby grandaughter is fine. It is actually surprisingly clean, much cleaner than canned food. My garden is so much cleaner too! Thankyou for your honesty in your video's. I really respect people for telling how it is. I can see your passion for animals and it is very endearing and inspiring. Thank you

  3. leka rokaforte
    leka rokaforte says:

    If someone gets salmonella(dog or human) , it can be treated very effectively with colloidal silver, salmonella is very pathogenic, but also very sensitive to colloidal silver (15-30 ppm will do it)Just make sure u get a glass bottle- not in plastic….

  4. Miss Robin Martz
    Miss Robin Martz says:

    PLEASE help me with an argument about dogs licking in babies mouths. I say it's GROSSS and one should NOT let a dog lick a babies face in their mouths! People are saying dogs have cleaner mouths than people. That just is NOT true, and PLEASE defend me! LOL! Vets tell people that dogs have so many bacteria and germs in their mouths and STILL so many think it's safe to let a dog slobber all over a baby! I CAN"T STAND IT!!!

  5. Janice B
    Janice B says:

    "Can't in good consciousness".. whatever! They have no conscious, that's why they are able to do what they do. Either that or they're completely ignorant. Your dog isn't going to get an infection of salmonella unless your meat is so bacteria covered it's ready to crawl away on its own, or unless like you said your dogs health is compromised.

  6. Captain Ron
    Captain Ron says:

    While I appreciate your videos, I respectfully disagree with your opinion as to why veterinarians "can't" recommend raw feeding.

    High levels of salmonella in a dog's saliva are normal, whether fed raw meat or commercial (canned or kibble) dog food. Commercial producers of dog food are required to take precautions against salmonella contamination for more practical reasons than preventing dogs from eating contaminated food: shelf life, appearance of the food and acceptable odors to humans handling the food and the unfortunate fact that some people actually eat the food themselves. So I think very few (credible) vets would use the "salmonella" argument.

    Some raw-feeders feel that vets caution against feeding raw meet because they profit from the sale of commercially produced food. Unfortunately, I think this is at least partially true.

    What I've found is that vets generally do not have any formal training in canine nutrition. Their knowledge and belief is based on their experience and that is based on the fact that almost all of the animals they treat have been fed commercial products. Vets (and most people generally) are reluctant to change well-established practices.

    Understanding and properly feeding raw food (and I should clarify that this means unground), takes some time and effort. One must ensure proper balances of a variety of animal meats, organs and body parts.

    Ironically, if I was a vet, I wouldn't recommend raw feeding either. The reason is that I could not ensure that my clients would administer the diet appropriately.

  7. Oliver Santikham
    Oliver Santikham says:

    I just switched my 3 1/2 month old puppy to raw diet. Just using chicken quarters for now and she seems to love it. Unfortunately she has had really bad diarrhea lately and she has been pooping in her crate the last couple of nights. What should I do to fix this?

  8. domiy13
    domiy13 says:

    Let's not dive too far from the reality. This video and other comments make some good points but the reason vets don't advocate feeding raw food is the same reason doctors don't advocate eating healthy food for sick people. They either dont know better or are too strictly limited in their outlook on health. Vets are doctors, and doctors are trained to believe only medication works, good eating is just a myth. It's a terrible misconception.

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