Why So Many Fail on Raw Food Diet

Let’s talk about why so many fail on a raw food diet. A plant based diet is quite simple if you don’t complicate it. The raw vegan lifestyle is basically a license to eat when we make the correct choices.

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17 replies
  1. R Mathilde
    R Mathilde says:

    Hi Jack i love your videos and watch it as much as i can. I think you don't like talking about the past to much but i'd like to see a video eventually about your past addiction and how to cope with it in the early days, or a video about the theme of solitude. Sorry english is not my first language. Have a good day. PS: still shoked by the new hair 😙

  2. Joe Kur
    Joe Kur says:

    I've seen such groups on FB, had to leave some of them because the influence spills over daily .. a lot of them are like raw till 4, or do the best you can.. need to go the extra mile for cooked food addiction

  3. John Murphy
    John Murphy says:

    Hello 👋 Jack . I like what your saying. Crowd out the bad stuff. People tend to complicate everything . I don’t want to be WONKY !!! Elitom Alamin says the fruit diet is child’s play , now there is a different perspective. Elitom Alamin has a u Tube channel, check him out . Thanck you for you help Jack . I have been a Subscriber with you for quite some time this is my first time commenting .

  4. charlotte Yarbrough
    charlotte Yarbrough says:

    Someone at work wanted to know what I was doing cause I've lost 26 pounds. She noticed it. I lost her at no meat and dairy so no need to tell her the rest. I did tell her what foods she can eat and that she can eat as much as she wants but she's not ready but I told her I would help if she needs like a diet plan or something to go by. It amazes me that people would rather starve and eat a little of thier crap and feel bad rather than eat healthy and be full.

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