Why People are No Longer Raw Vegan …. Raw Food Failure Explained

John from talks with kaelash neels and rick dina, successful long-term raw vegans. We discuss why people do not succeed on the raw vegan diet.

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45 replies
  1. thegreenmachine90
    thegreenmachine90 says:

    People leave the diet because it is expensive and time consuming, but you reap what you sow. When it boils down to it, people are too lazy and too weak, that's why. Our society is very unsupportive of being raw, but too many people are too scared to go against what is considered "normal" to do the extra work to push themselves into being all they can be. Raw lifestyles are hard, and it may not be worth it in every person's eyes.

  2. thegreenmachine90
    thegreenmachine90 says:

    I agree. There are many plant foods that are healthful when they are cooked. A 100% raw diet is not an ideal, I think that most raw "celebrities" just promote a MAINLY raw diet, not an ALL raw diet. I know many people that consider themselves raw that still eat some forms of rice, beans, and even potatoes! In my opinion, winter would be unbearable if I couldn't have warm soups and steamed veggies!

  3. librascorpiostar
    librascorpiostar says:

    It's NOT expensive! If you shop smart and think smart, it is incredibly cheap! If it is just you on the diet, you want to shop for only you….so buy only a small amount so that what you can't eat does not go to waste. I can spend under $3 buying raw kale greens and it can last me nearly all day! Plus, you can join your local raw foodist community and create pot luck dinners and contribute your part and get a huge, LOVEly, delicious meal. Buying lose greens is cheaper than pre-made salads.

  4. librascorpiostar
    librascorpiostar says:

    you spend more on pre-packaged salads that you may not be able to eat all of and then it goes to waste. But also you can garden your own, and that , which costs money to get started but then you save money. You have to be creative! Plus, you have to be willing to expend the energy exchange for what you want.

  5. Sabrina Scott
    Sabrina Scott says:

    Meat is important for a human being's health. Now if you are a Cow or a Deer then an all veggie diet is for you. Cows have a rumen that is able to digest things like grass. We only have ONE stomach. Please do your research. The Vegan diet was adopted from Monks who wanted to promote concentration by altering their sex hormones aka infertility. Veggies are useful as cleansers, meat are the building blocks. Don't starve yourself. GO MEAT and veggies!

  6. Laura Cate
    Laura Cate says:

    It's really not considering the fact you are spending less on hygiene products, medical bills, trash bags, makeup(for girls), going out to eat( which includes tip), Starbucks here and there, and not forgetting that meat is actually pretty damn expensive, especially organic. This whole cost thing is a complete illusion. You can go to farmers markets or health food stores and buy fruits and veggies in bulk for cheaper. Besides….even if it were shouldn't your health be worth the extra money?

  7. Tree
    Tree says:

    Ty John, Gr8 video. ~ O.K. I am checking out the comments here and every time I read a comment on any raw site is that they can not afford it, blah blah blah, that is such hogwash!! I have a $12 blender from Wal-Mart and I spend about, maybe $60 per week on buying raw food (fruits and veggies). This can be done inexpensively. do research people, this lifestyle is so incredibly worth it.

  8. Zark Wonderbread
    Zark Wonderbread says:

    Fruitarian is arguably the most expensive vegan diet out there… I eat about 80-85% fruit daily basis, all organic except for mangos/pineapple, and yet I've found a monetary balance that's pretty damn good. 20 pounds of fresh fruit for $14-15! Gotta eat more of it for proper nutrition, but it's still dirt cheap, and cheaper than any meat-eating diet.

  9. rocbola
    rocbola says:

    Great video. All new raw foodists, like me, should experiment with their diets to see for themselves what gives them the best feeling of vitality. I have been experimenting for a few months, and i learned more from listening to my own body than i ever learned from any raw food guru or expert. John Kohler is one of my favorite raw food experts, too!!!

  10. shutdownthefed
    shutdownthefed says:

    Hi, I just got the omega 8006 juicer today, is it suppose to wobble a little bit when its juicing? Not the main base, but the part the grinds and holds the food wobbles when I was using it I was just wondering if thats normal.

  11. ellias
    ellias says:

    thanks guys great information.I have only just come accross you guys,as I am new ish to the raw lifestyle. I am also very athletic,I intend to compete later in the year(because I have so much energy ,,,most of the time) Can you point me in the right direction with any guidance regarding the diet / lifestyle and heavy excercise..I am also 50..phew that sound old eh!

  12. E J Darly
    E J Darly says:

    Yall are so right and I just wanted to do the raw perfectly so I bought and researched recipes and it would take me so long to study them, figure out what I thought looked good, go buy the items from the grocery store, then spend a lot of time on the one meal. I kept thinking I just have to be more organized but I never heard of half the stuff and a lot of it wasn't at the local stores. It felt like I was just starving my family so I took a step back. I would love to find the balace this time.

  13. Kblunify y
    Kblunify y says:

    the main reason the raw diet difinitely doesnt work for me is because it takes tooooo much time prepairing the meals!! the main principle of this diet should be to simplify not to complicate or try to counterfeit cooked/ baked food…I just realized ppl spend too much time on this BS.Humans are not made to live for eating, but eating was made to live,get out of this paranoya/prison and spend more time living and enjoying life

  14. Marianna Tucci
    Marianna Tucci says:

    Paying Raw Food to support our local farmers vs CEO companies for money in their pocket? Mother nature's food to my life's health vs. paying CEO companies to pay for my health for life and that doesn't include paying for my medical bills, being prescribe chemically made in the lab(man made not mother nature) to depend on them as much life support for it? Prescriptions, medical bills, this economy, my life line with consuming of "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" fact…My choice is simply Mother Nature

  15. string11
    string11 says:

    Another reason people fail at the raw food diet is they are trying to do it alone. I know that it would be much easier to eat the right foods if all my friends and family did too. So a good question is how to meet and find friends that eat a lot of raw foods. And it’s a lot easier to learn to make different dishes if you have friends that like to “cook” or I should say prepare raw food dishes.

  16. rei@play
    [email protected] says:

    Fantastic video – I'm a single parent, who used a mostly raw diet to help recover when energy and health was not returning even 6 months after child birth. The results were rapid and better health than ever before, as well as cemented faith in living foods. Now 2 years later, there is more of a balance going on between raw food social issues, time management, practicality and what my toddler does or does not eat 😐 
    We eat a vast mixture anywhere between loose-vegetarian and mostly raw, but if i ever feel my energy dropping i always go back to increasing raw living foods, which does occasionally require a motivational youtube video like yours!
    Long term Happiness is much much more important than Dogma and even Idealism!!

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