Why I’ve Lost Faith in the Raw Meat Carnivore Diet

The raw meat primal diet vs just regular carnivore. 10 year vegan eats nothing but cooked beef for 30 days, feels amazing, switches to raw meat and things aren’t going so well.

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26 replies
  1. Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker says:

    We've been eating cooked foods for tens of thousands of years. The human body has evolved, on cooked food. These raw meat foodists often argue that, our ancestors supposedly ate meat raw for "millions of years"…They're full of guano. Crap. So what? Let's assume that's true, and our hominid ancestors were carnivores, eating meat raw like Tyrannosaurus Rex..So what? We're humans, not blood thirsty apes, ripping the limbs off our prey with our teeth. Eating flesh raw, might have been the "Standard Operating Procedure" three million years ago, but a lot has happened in our evolutionary history since then.

    Humans have been cooking their meat for tens of thousands of years, if not hundreds of thousands of years. Since the discovery of fire, the ability to start and use fire, we've been cooking. The human body is perfectly adapted, absolutely compatible with ingesting cooked food. It prefers it. There's no reason whatsoever to eat meat raw. Eat a wholefoods diet..Stay away from the highly processed foods, junk food, and you'll be healthy. You're young, enjoy your youth, stop obsessing so much on food. Enjoy your life, eat well, good, tasty, nutritious food and stop driving yourself crazy.

  2. Inte Dinensak
    Inte Dinensak says:

    I know I been bashing you alot, but I do it out of love 🙂

    Generaly speaking, if you got ulcerative colitis you absolutly should not do one meal a day, but do smaller portions spread out over the day. Same goes with fluids.
    You also should do a mixed balanced diet, not go hardcore for just one thing.
    Avoid high fiber vegs, fruits and berries and go for the low fiber ones.
    As for meats I dont know since I dont eat it, but i would guess fish, chicken and eggs are good. Also SOME deiry products but not too much. Tofu is good aswell, but besides tofu I would take it easy on the lentals and beans, though I eat em alot but I can handle it since I had em for so many years.
    But overall dont overeat on pertiular foods, you need to mix it up and stop chocking your inside with all theese weird diets.
    Also avoid much onions and garlic and too much spicy stuff. I can eat it though since I had it for so many years aswell so got used to it.
    Also raw foods wont be good when you got ulcerative colitis, it will be too much work for your inside.
    And you can also change some stuff up abit depending if your ulcerative colitis is bad at the moment or not.

    As an dietery experiment you should give the mixed balanced diet spread out over the days in smaller portions.
    If you dont like it you can always go back to the pig intenstence and whatever else you enjoy tourturing your body with.

    Anyways, have a safe trip home to Canada. And enjoy the South east asia depression you will get after a few weeks home, you gonna miss Thailand so much after a while 🙂 Nothing like leaving it for the first time and the Thailand blues hits you after some weeks home 🙂

  3. Michael Sutton
    Michael Sutton says:

    Raw is way better then cooked, I hardly notice a difference since I don't cook my meat much (only sear it) but raw has been 100 percent better digestion wise. But my friend, you can still get that "that tastes so good!" feeling from food even following aajonus. You ever try raw cheeses with raw honey? raw cottage cheese and honey is amazing. or eggs and raw milk with heavy cream and honey blended up? you just need to get creative with the raw foods. But you're right its all about balance no ones a dieting robot were all human.

  4. Curiousnessify
    Curiousnessify says:

    Even if you eat something raw your stomach acids and intestines break down the food and in effect kill it so it can be absorbed by the body. that being said overcooking isnt good either, perhaps light cooking to break it down a bit so your body is better able to digest it and not spend so much energy on digestion. that being said #2, who the fuck knows, we're all just guessing.

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