Peace, family. Here’s a video to answer a frequently asked question I’ve been receiving a lot recently.
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35 replies
  1. Earth Mama Medicine
    Earth Mama Medicine says:

    Peace, beautiful family! Read the description below the video before you drop questions/comments below! There's links for you to learn more about the Amen Ra protocol and more about me! I also dropped a few sneak peaks of upcoming videos in the description box 😉
    If you watch my videos, subscribe! Help this channel grow!

    PS. I get lots of questions on how to contribute this channel. I am so grateful for donations made to us in any amount! I spend a lot of my time planning, filming and editing videos and donations allow me to continue spending my time doing what I love without starving! haha
    All money given goes straight to food, gas and making more videos!! Give thanks!
    Donate: http://www.patreon.com/earthmamamedicine or http://www.paypal.me/earthmamamedicine

  2. Lindy Firks
    Lindy Firks says:

    ….one word imho feeds you best….water is second…food is third….the word is meditation…for me it’s changed my reality…think monks surviving on nettles…tysm for being brave enough to explore/share your truths…🌼💛💫

  3. Yolanda Williams
    Yolanda Williams says:

    Hey! Thank you so much for the video. I recently tried raw vegan and fruitarian too and found it didn't work for me too. I love rice and potatoes and missed them so much. After a while I decieded that I need to not be raw vegan and eat what made me feel good and satisfied too. I am happy that you discovered this for yourself. I can definitely see that you are happy. I have watched Dr. Amen Ra;s video also right here on Youtube: https://youtu.be/dR1FCJS8DoM This man really amazed me with his wisdom and knowledge of the body. God bless you for the videos. Keep it up. ♥

  4. Gianna Brisbone
    Gianna Brisbone says:

    I'm so glad that you were cognizant of the negative thoughts that were coming into your mind, and that you took the appropriate steps towards fixing it in the best way for YOU! So proud of you and please know that there are tons of positive energy being sent your way from Philly.

  5. T Burke
    T Burke says:

    Thank you for this share! Love you! ❤ I am excited for you Veladya. 😁 I have tried raw vegan and had similar experiences with the negative dialogue within myself regarding my ability to stick to it. You seem to be radiating more brightly with your new diet; such an increase in your glow. Thank you for always being so open and honest. Please continue to bless us…the universe with your wisdom. ❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Life With Vicki
    Life With Vicki says:

    Your diet is so fascinating. I have tried to go Dr. Sebi/vegan/raw vegan/fruitarian and those self-degrading thoughts always got me and made me hate myself if I did slip up which made me fall off and go back to eating meats and processed foods. Thank you for sharing that if that happens then you shouldn't put so much restriction on yourself and give yourself some leverage. It's okay to listen to your body and allow yourself to 'mess' up or 'cheat'. Can't wait to learn more about Amen Ra Protocol. I love food too much, but its definitely not something I won't dismiss and eventually be something I need or want in the future.

  7. J J
    J J says:

    Labels are a killer. Our lifestyles are supposed to give us freedom while helping our health. Its so good you realized this and are protecting your mental health. Blessings to you my love!

  8. J J
    J J says:

    Its so important that you said "do what works for you". Thats so important! Everyones body is in a different phase and has different conditions to overcome. What works for one person may not work another – at least not at that point in time.

  9. Kayla Waters
    Kayla Waters says:

    I watched your whole video. I'm also vegan. Please don't do that one meal a day thing. That can't be healthy, realistic, or very nutritionally filling. Honestly I just try to eat the best and balanced as I can based on what I can afford (cooked, raw, whatever I'm craving) and I hope you and your partner do the same.

  10. gottaluvpink89
    gottaluvpink89 says:

    This might be TMI, but I had to stop being a raw vegan because my digestive system was going haywire. I would have to use the restroom right away and I was so scared to even fart because food would go right through me. Lord! 😂 I would run to the bathroom in fear!

  11. EE NO TA NA
    EE NO TA NA says:

    Yes! As I began to practice fasting, what I immediately realized is that the body feeds off ALL elements. Water, Sun, Air, and Earth. I noticed, because I wasn't eating, my breaths were naturally becoming deeper to compensate the lack of 'Earth' intake – and to maintain balance. We put a lot of pressure on food (earth) keeping us nourished, but it's so much more than just what we eat. Like you said, it's a total electro-magnetic balance – which requires all elements – and a joy-full passionate involvement in life.

  12. Mykalee McGowan
    Mykalee McGowan says:

    Thank you. Thank you thank you. I suffer from binge eating disorder and diet culture had me. There were so many vegan food rules that I got overwhelmed and started to have destructive habits a few years ago. I stopped being vegan for a while but I'm back because veganism is great for me and others. Still struggling in balancing my diet. (It's tricky during travel and visiting family). But I let go of the strict rules. I forgive myself when I mess up and try to have a sustainable diet. I do cleanse 4 times a year. But besides that, I try to not put too much pressure on my eating.

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