Why Dog is Obligated carnivore, Raw diet very little plant material

Why Dog is Obligated carnivore, Raw diet very little plant material. Veterinarians have hands in Pet food company’s pockets
Peter Caine Dog Training

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16 replies
  1. mr10man69
    mr10man69 says:

    Absolutely frightening what is in commercial animal food. Sure there are options that are "healthy" but they still have fillers in them and are outrageously expensive. My boxer eats chicken. RAW chicken that I get from my neighbor (bones and all). If I buy chicken at a grocery store I boil it or slow cook it(and remove bones). I also slow cook (or pressure cook) some veggies for the dog. Pretty simple really.

  2. Jason & Max
    Jason & Max says:

    The frustrating thing of me trying to tell people about raw diet is that it seems it just falls on deaf ears. People want to believe so much that their pets are like little human beings that they don't want to hear it when you tell them they're not.

  3. Disasterous Masterson
    Disasterous Masterson says:

    Peter Caine! I love all of your work. I would like to know if a raw poultry diet would be good for a breed like an English Bulldog. I've seen videos of people having to monitor their food intake on a kibble diet to make sure that they don't choke. I want an English Bulldog, but I don't want to have them choke on a bite that they take that's too big for them. Would putting the chicken bone-in through a meat grinder be better for them or will they be fine?

  4. Liar Ahead
    Liar Ahead says:

    Dogs are canines therefore carnivores. Anyone who lets the television do their thinking for them is a sheep. It's starting to make sense why the media labels anyone who breaks from the herd and thinks for themselves a "Lone Wolf". Television "Programming" at its finest people.

  5. Bigstep uk
    Bigstep uk says:

    My Dog alway's wait's until he get's home and is sick in front of the TV if he has eaten Grass! Could be a sign of Dominance or he doesn't want to embarrass himself in front of Bitch's! They seem to eat Grass more when they are older as i have never noticed my young dog eating grass!

  6. Sanguinefern
    Sanguinefern says:

    I am working on a video about veganism and pets because it is infuriating how inappropriate vegan pet diets are. And that is why this comment is insanely long. Hopefully, vegan pet owners who watch this video will take it to heart.

    Vegans who feed their dogs and cats plant based food are misinformed, selfish, stupid, or all three. No exceptions. – Plant-based pet foods are absurd and dangerous. They couldn't sustain a dog's or cat's health if they weren't packed with supplements. High carbohydrate diets are a main cause in diabetes for cats. Strict vegans deny, turn blind eyes, and put their animals' needs second. ANTITHESIS of veganism. Real vegans own herbivore pets. Vegans disapprove of commercial dog/cat food and approve of depriving their pets of proper diets? WTF?

    HOW TO BE VEGAN AND OWN A CARNIVORE: Acquiring only what is needed in a respectful manner is not exploitative or anti-vegan.

    A) Find a non-commercial source, that will provide. B) Grow your own. C)Hunt or trap your pet's food. D) Accept that you're only partially vegan either way and choose whether to exploit your pet or feed it properly. E) Re-home the animal if your vegan status is a priority. F) Remain a delusional irony.

    WHEN VEGAN DOG/CAT DIETS ARE APPROPRIATE: When they prefer salad over their own food or have been observed independently berry hunting and scavenging rice paddies. Vegan dogs will raid gardens with peas and squash.

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