Why Cooked Food is Better Than Raw Food

http://www.TheRawFoodWorld.com Although I am on a 100% Raw Food Diet, and I have my reasons why as stated in this video, I honestly believe that a cooked food diet is better than a Raw Food diet in 99% of all cases.

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19 replies
  1. HealingDaNation
    HealingDaNation says:

    This is probably just one of many attempts that we will see Matt make to slowly shift away from the raw food diet while still saving face in front of his audience. It's the same story with many prior raw foodists, myself included; you eat 100% raw and feel great for a while, then things fall apart (and you do, also) and the evidence finally gets to you and you switch to a Paleo-type-whole-foods diet and everything gets better. Sometimes it takes a month — sometimes it takes 15+ years — but eventually it just makes sense to eat like your ancestors ate.

    Raw foods are GREAT!!!… But not the only thing humans should eat.

  2. virgorouge
    virgorouge says:

    I can't use Henna anymore or Pinetar soap..I am soo sensitive..and I am 100 percent raw PRIMAL..not vegan..I am raw and I have had a very small amount of cooked buckwheat a few weeks ago..but I am not sure that I feel that much better when I am completely raw….what do yout think? I did dry fasting and my eyes don't look at good ..or underneath them..my eyes didn't look as healthy…I am not sure if that is a detox symptom

  3. Alliebell
    Alliebell says:

    For anyone that is saying this guy is crazy Isn't listening to what he's saying He is saying HE eats raw but he doesn't think its for EVERYONE He recommends eating a WHOLE foods diet which is more balanced then raw as far as its a balance between cooked and raw and as healthy as you can.

  4. curlsarefromheaven
    curlsarefromheaven says:

    I was raw for 8 days. In that short time I lost a lot of weight. The cravings were horrible. I allowed myself to eat something cooked and started binging from trying to restrict myself. I spent several months trying to prepare myself to live a raw lifestyle. I'm that time I just ended up developing severe food addictions and bingeing and gaining more weight. A month ago I accepted that wasn't for me and that it was okay to eat cooked whole food. My life is so much better now and it's so much easier to maintain eating clean food. However raw or not raw I find that if I allow myself to have a cheat day then It makes me crave unhealthy food violently.

  5. David A
    David A says:

    The word 'spirit' means nothing more than the air/oxygen we breathe.  People using the word 'spiritual' most of the time cannot give an explanation of just what the word means!  Ask 100 people what 'spiritual' means, and you'll most likely get 100 bat-shit-crazy answers.   Spiritual means: the air we take into our lungs….and that is all it means!

  6. David A
    David A says:

    Whole-cooked foods are better.  Why is it that the three greatest cultures for health, and longevity do not use a 'raw-food' diet but state that cooking food (quickly)….is best.  Japan, China, and India all state that vegetables must be cooked for good health.

  7. P Kuudsk
    P Kuudsk says:

    DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS IDIOT unless you want to be sick and die early in life,cook your food and eat whole foods,nuts,fruits and eat meat this wole thing of not eating food is bullshit. Just try to find food that has minimal chemicals added to it to none. Grow your own and raise your own meat,like rabbits chickens,anyone who shove a hose up thier but and thinks they are going to fix thier bad food choices in the past is a fool. Adjust your food intake slowly don`t try to change your diet over night. You will adjust and not feel any different but you have to just think about what you eat. THIS IDIOT IS UNHEALTHY

  8. stichway
    stichway says:

    Sounds like you should very very extremely slowly get off your raw food diet and then get on the whole food diet very very extremely slowly and live your life to the fullest Or just eat McDonald's like your friends and family so that you'll have a social life? This is your life everything comes with a price tag anyway, live this life for yourself if you help a few people on your journey then so be it, if the others don't want to tag along then that is where the whole life and the price tag comes into play. 

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