Why 100% Raw Food Diet isn’t my Vibe

Why 100% raw food diet isn’t my vibe is the topic today. I like to clarify my take on a plant based diet from time to time. And this is my opinion, for me. I do a very high raw vegan lifestyle, but I’m not a fanatic.

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21 replies
  1. Raychel G
    Raychel G says:

    Thanks for posting this video. I tried to attain that "perfect raw vegan diet" for years and years and over the last year, I've finally stopped obsessing. ❤️ It's just such a relief to hear others talking about this.

  2. Charlie Van Horn
    Charlie Van Horn says:

    I see it like this….we are given the gifts we need from mother earth. Air, sun, water, fruits, veggies, herbs, and minimal nuts/seeds (always soaked). If you need to cook something in order to eat it…then you are not meant to eat it. Simple.

    When we cook foods above 118 degrees…alive, electric, alkaline foods containing biophotons become DEAD FOOD…you kill the biophotons in the food and it makes the foods much less healthy for you. We want to ingest the biophotons in order to get the light energy, that electric alkalinity, that these foods contain.

    Ultimately…anything is doomed to fail once we give it a label 😉

    This is why I have come to this realization through years of trial and error….eat what mother earth provides. In the form that it comes. Organic, non-GMO, as local as possible. No label needed….well, unless you wanna call it #Eatacorrectian…how about #CommonSensian?! lol. Cheers, brother. Love the videos!!

  3. Ronald Littles
    Ronald Littles says:

    Sometimes the very mention of what you're up to will be misconstrued by others as dogmatic. I'm learning to accept that, keep good intentions and do me. There is something to be gained from a variety of perspectives. As you implied, 'relative to a reference point'.

    Thanks Jack !

    OLFINK says:

    I think so too. Eating is a pretty individual and private thing. Not everything works for anyone. Been vegan now for +5 years and tried a lot of ways. Listening to your body is the most important thing. For example, I can’t handle gluten and soy, what i found out pretty late, so i cut back on them and feeling so amazing. Having a wide variety on raw foods, smoothies, rice and beans, sweetpotatoes, and also cut back on processed food. Keep up the good work mate🙌🏻

  5. John Murphy
    John Murphy says:

    Yup ! Makes Perfect sense! I am 100% in agreement with you Jack . If someone is very ill 100% RAW Is the safest way to detox out sewage ,I.e. “Disease” otherwise no need to be in a hurry, enjoy the ride, it’s a short one 👁👁

  6. Tantric Vegan
    Tantric Vegan says:

    This is your lifestyle Jack, & you are a voice of reason, which is why I like to pop by here, even though I'm not raw & never will be. I do eat high raw though, especially in summer. The radical attitudes tend to come from those with mental concepts that aren't sustainable. Them that talk the talk but don't always walk the walk for very long.

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