Where to Find a Natural Heartburn Remedy Quickly

When you're desperate for a natural heartburn remedy, start in your home. Many common foods and heartburn helps are literally close as your fingertips. Here are a few places where you will find help for your pain.

  • Your Kitchen: Your kitchen is one of the best places to find foods that can actually stop or minimize heartburn pain. Do you have a ripe banana? Although no one really knows why, a banana can bring amazingly fast relief … just make sure it does not have any green on it, as unripe bananas seem to cause heartburn. Do you have a package of raw almonds? A small handy before or after you eat may do the trick. How about natural, organic cider vinegar or lemons? A teaspoon of juice from either of these sources in a glass of water may bring relief. Lemon is acidic when it is eaten, but becomes alkaline in your stomach. Another common food is apple. Try a few slices before you eat or just carry one around with you in case you feel heartburn starting up.
  • Grocery Store: Of course all of the above items can be found in your local grocery store if you do not have them on hand. If you're not lactose intolerant (a whole different issue), the probiotics in yogurt may help keep your system in balance. You know vegetables are good for you. Cabbage and apple juiced together are soothing. And the fiber in all those natural goodies helps your stomach to empty faster, which keeps the acid from building up and staying for too long. Avoid milk. Even though it used to be prescribed for ulcers and it feels good as you're drinking it, milk actually encourages the formation of more acid in your stomach. Also, red meat takes a much longer time to digest than other foods – up to 10 hours, so choose chicken or fish to eliminate another source of distress.
  • Natural Food Store: Talk to the people who work in your local health food store for their recommendations on supplements to help heartburn. Papaya, for instance, comes in a handy dried form. A few pieces after you eat may just do the trick.
  • Your Pocket or Purse: If you have gum in your pocket or purse, you may have heartburn relief as well! Chewing gum gets saliva going which helps protect your esophagus. It also keeps the swallowing reflex moving and the food going down where it belongs. Choose a different flavor than peppermint or spearmint and a sugarless variety. The sugar and mint in candy and gum can cause the LES (lower esophageal sphincter) to relax and allow stomach acid to reflux.

There are many more natural foods close at hand and also lifestyle changes you can make to tie or eliminate heartburn.

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