WHAT’S IN MY FRIDGE?! Raw Food Winter Edition!

WHAT’S IN MY FRIDGE?! Raw Food Winter Edition! Check out what’s in my fridge and enjoy the abundance! All produce from LIKE this video and subscribe if you like to eat healthy!

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29 replies
  1. Elsie
    Elsie says:

    Some of these people need to back off!
    She must be upset about the shoes too, and she probably didn't know they were leather?! Who knows! People are making assumptions, and forgetting how wonderful and good she's is, and made so much effort to live fully raw, and uploading fun, and wise videos for us.
    I won't be the kind of person who will flip and forget all of that because of one mistake. I don't think you want people saying nasty things about you either? especially if they aren't true.

  2. Noella Davis
    Noella Davis says:

    Kristina I believe primarily vegan for health reasons. This Angel of a being does her absolute to care for the planet and yes she loves animals as well. Why are we demanding that she be a perfectionist when we, who comfortably sit our fat arses at home can't even contribute nor accomplish half of what she has? Smh!!!

  3. Vehctim
    Vehctim says:

    So I'm just seeing all this shoe talk here and I'm thinking… I have a question for vegans (plz don't get hurt it's just a simple question): If an animal of any kind, cow for example, happens to die of natural causes and is just laying there, after no one was "cruel" to it… is it acceptable to make leather shoes from that cow (and also consume its nutritional flesh)? Discuss.

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