What is A Raw Food Diet? with Brian Clement

Many people have heard of the Raw Foods Diet, One may even say that it is the original diet. The reason it has been around for so long is not only because it works, but it offers a number of incredible health benefits as well.

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Panel Participants: Brian Clement, Ph.D., L.N., Cherie Soria, Dan Ladermann, Steve Meyerowitz

People have been eating raw foods since, well, since the beginning of time. Back before obesity, cancer, and heart disease were claiming the lives of millions. From the structure of our jaw and teeth, saliva profile, the design of our digestive system, enzyme make up, and the pH of our stomach, it’s clear that humans were designed to eat raw plant foods from the get go.

What Is It:
Briefly, a raw foods diet is a style of eating where the majority of your dietary intake is uncooked fruits and vegetables, along with some nuts, seeds, and perhaps some sprouted grains. It is important that you also understand a food is considered raw if it is prepared below 108 degrees Fahrenheit, or it is completely uncooked.

Benefits of Raw foods
As you begin to eat a raw diet, one of the very first health benefits that you will notice is the increase in your energy levels and better sleep. You will also most likely notice that you are starting to look more youthful and are shedding a few pounds.

Passionate believers in whole food plant based diets, no chemicals, minimal pharmaceutical drugs, no GMO’s. Fighting to stop climate change and extinction.

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7 replies
  1. Vegan InWonderland
    Vegan InWonderland says:

    The thing that fruit or sugar feeds cancer is unawareness and stupid . Cancer is a damaged cell . It is a cell .
    First .. what do cells need for survival ? What is their fuel source ? – it is carbon which is sugar ( carbohydrate ) and oxygen. So we get oxygen from air we mix it with carbon , dump out the hydrogen and then we get ATP (adenosine triphosphate) cellular go go.
    If you claim that fruit / fructose feeds cancer then all sugar feeds cancer . And the claim that sugar feeds cancer is unawareness . If sugar did feed cancer then so does oxygen , and thinking that u can starve cancer is another stupid idea . When u water fast, the first three to four days your body uses stored glucose from your liver and muscles. When that is empty, it's all used then the body starts to break down fat so the body could get carbon at the end result. Even with water fast you're not going to starve your cells from what they need.
    So many people go on only fruits and they lose their tumors , cancer and even diabetes . Glucose , fructose and galactose are simple sugars . There is no process needed , the body can use them right away. Fructose however doesn't need a carrier (insulin ) but glucose and galactose needs . So if you have diabetes you want to go 100% on fruit . No greens , no salads. Greens have glucose , fruits have fructose.
    cancer is caused by acids. Acids are corrosive and they destroy . If your lymph is not moving and it gets acidic then you're creating acidosis big time and it breaks and damages tissues and cells . If your kidneys aren't filtering then that means – lymph stagnation and everyone has to some degree kidney and adrenal weakness and that is caused by high protein / acids . Protein is nitrogen , it's acidic side of chemistry .
    If you want to move lymph then you're not doing it with greens . To move lymph and get your kidneys filtering you need powerful foods . Acid and sub-acid fruits . Fruit juices are very powerful . And I'm not talking about that dead grocery store fruit juice that has been heated and also has sugar added .
    Dr Robert Morse has healed so many on fruits , berries and melons from cancer to getting a man to walk again who was in a wheelchair for 30 years .
    You are not detoxing on greens.. you detox to some degree but it doesnt come even close to what acid and sub acid fruits can do .
    Humans aren't herbivores , we are frugivores – fruit eaters afterall . Your body needs sugar . And protein , we aren't meant for protein . We are meant for amino acids which fruit has . Proteins are complex amino acids . We are not meant for complexity . Like with sugar – starch which is a complex carbohydrate is going to cause problems to those who have adrenal weakness and has candida and fungus problems . Adrenal glands are responsible for sugar metabolism . These polysaccharides have to be broken down to mono but if u have hard time doing it , then the fungus family is going to have a great dinner . We are not meant for complex , but simplicity .
    And why would u ever think that greens like especially kale , spinach is good over fruits ? Very high in oxalates , tannins and cellulose .
    Greens are high in heavy metal cadmium. Any blood test will show this, but few actually are tested for heavy metal toxicity. Cadmium is not easily eliminated by the body. The kidney is the principal organ targeted by chronic exposure to cadmium followed by the liver. There may be as much as 40 mg of cadmium in the human body and consumption from foods can be at least 40 mcg daily. Levels vary according to region, as most comes from soil by way of food. There may be some in water from contamination or house pipes along with cigarette and weed smoke, plus industrial burning of metals puts some cadmium into the air. Cadmium levels in the atmosphere are much higher in industrial cities. With having low levels of zinc in the body, more cadmium can be stored.

    Lactucarium is an opiate known in lettuce. It is know as lettuce opium because of its putative analgesic and sedative properties. Anthraquinone glycoside is another compound to watch out for, its very toxic and should be avoided as well.

    Many greens contain Oxalic acid, is a nephrotoxic, which is toxic on the kidneys.

    Greens contain Goitrogens but not all of them , only the cruciferous ones- bok choy, broccoli , Brussels sprouts , cabbage , kale , cauliflower , kohabi , mustard and mustard greens .

    Greens are high in cellulose in nature, this is why store bought lettuce is so basic and low in cellulose because it's one of the few vegetables people can tolerate digestion wise. A plant in nature will become bitter, thorny, astringent and high in alkaloids that are toxic to eat.
    Greens are good when you need to alkaline your body , fruits do it as well ( alkalizes ) and when one has acid refluxes and can't tolerate acid and sub acid fruits but they need to get alkalized quickly then that would be a good time to use greens.
    And another last thing . If somebody says that they are sugar addicts by eating too much watermelon then they must think that they are also addicted to oxygen . It is just ridiculous .

  2. The Artificial Society
    The Artificial Society says:

    Crohn’s disease could be tied to immune system response to yeast. Nutritionfacts.org just did a video on that. That means that vinegar could cause trouble. When vinegar is formed, there are other waste products forming also which is impossible to avoid like formaldehyde. So vinegar is a questionable product. The human body,s gut from wholesome food is the best fermentor. So eat pure wholesome food not vinegar that is a waste product of the yeast.

  3. The Artificial Society
    The Artificial Society says:

    Headaches for vegan could be due to natural toxins like aflatoxin from mold on nuts, natural pesticides like in soy, solanine from night shade family like skin of green potatoes, response to yeasts, things they add to wine or that’s natural in fermentation of wine or beer.

  4. Brandin Shaeffer
    Brandin Shaeffer says:

    When I eat COMPLETELY unprocessed – literally everything made from scratch – I drop weight so fast I have to stop and add in more calorically dense foods like pasta & tortillas. I went from 138 to 109 in 3 months while eating enormous portions – stuffing myself every meal. And yet the scale would tick down a little each morning. I've added in some more calorically dense / weight promoting foods to my diet in very small amounts. (cashew cream, lentil pasta, corn tortillas, etc.) That helps me stay at around 112 lbs which looks a lot better on my face and body. At 109 my face was just too thin. If I did a juice fast, I fear I would waste away to nothing.

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