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Here’s another What I Eat in a Day video for you. This is all raw vegan fare. Fruit for breakfast, fruit for lunch, fruit and lots of veggies for dinner. That’s the 80/10/10 raw vegan success plan. =)

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30 replies
  1. Opal El
    Opal El says:

    I'm so glad that stone fruits are in season now! My girlfriend and I just joined the food coop here in Brooklyn and the produce is to die for!!! 😍😋 We now often ask ourselves…"what kind of 'produce' have we been eating all our lives?" Will definitely purchase a box of nectarines this time around. Keep up the fantastic work Kevin. You inspire many. Lots of love and laughter to you and your family. 🍇🍉🍒🍌

  2. HannahLikesBananas
    HannahLikesBananas says:

    wow I love your videos they are inspiring I'm very overweight and I was researching how to change my life and I've been plant based for 2 months now it's amazing and I have such a long way to go but I know this is the lifestyle I need! love your videos!!!!!!!

  3. The Vegan Dancer
    The Vegan Dancer says:

    I love your videos, they always inspire me to eat healthier! You are so positive!
    I also have a channel that is about veganism, I’ve just uploaded a new video about what I eat in a day as a vegan dancer, so if you are interested, come and check it out!

  4. Kim Swim
    Kim Swim says:

    Hello, I am curious about what you are studying because I start studying in Oktober. So if you don´t mind telling me I would be very happy. Thanks for being an inspiration although I have no children I watch your videos. You are a gentle soul 😉 Greetings from Germany 😉

  5. Rachel Green
    Rachel Green says:

    Hi Kevin….

    Another great webinar with Doug Graham last night.
    No after how long you've been on this lifestyle you can always learn something new, or be reminded of things that have become your 'weakest link'.

    You're 'what I eat in a video's' are great, giving long-term raw foodies and newbies an idea of what, when, why and how etc. One thing I'd be interested in is seeing what your partner eats as being a woman this maybe something which will resonate with your fruity female fabs 😉

    Berry blessings to you all xx

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