What I Eat in a Day on a Raw Food Diet: Summer Edition

Here’s what I eat in a day on a raw food diet in the summer time! The plant based diet gets even more exciting as the weather warms up and the raw vegan lifestyle is quite cooling as the heat soars!

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13 replies
  1. Kenny Marklow
    Kenny Marklow says:

    Hey Jack! Off topic question fer ya. I'm under the impression that it's good for your channel to have 'feedback' from your viewers. That being said, would it be more beneficial to you and your channel to get a thumbs down or nothing at all?
    I feel like you are a friend and I could never give you a thumbs down, plus, you very rarely deserve one IMO.
    But, every once in a while, there's a vid that I don't care for – for whatever reason. That's what got me thinking if "no reaction" is better or worse than a thumbs down.
    Thanks man! Btw, thumbs up on this one! Take care. Have a good time at the veg fest!

  2. Ingute Name
    Ingute Name says:

    Wow those shirts are the most beautiful colorfull shirts i ever seen in my life 👌👌👌😄☀️🎉I also love love love water melons ,and eating them for breakfasteverysingle day,i never get bored of that taste and sooo hydrating i agree 🙂 Especially i like watermelons with seeds,couse thay have more natural flavour and i feel so good and happy when i get the chance to eat them,Halleliuja 😅

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