What I Eat Daily – Raw Food Vegan Diet – Update

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36 replies
  1. Harry Potter
    Harry Potter says:

    no offence at all, you seem very well intentioned. But to me, this seemed like the diet of an anorexic or something. You ate virtually nothing but scraps of fruit and veggies all day (and not much of it at that). Frankly i don't know how you manage to have the energy to work out or maintain the current size that you are. 

  2. MrSnapy1
    MrSnapy1 says:

    Vegans are a paradox…..
    Using makeup or perfume that contains animal products not to mention extensively tested on animals. 

    Pretty much ALL the top perfumes/makeup use animal products.I have nothing against Vegan's.I just find it ironic that most use animal products and they don't even know it. It is virtually impossible to avoid all animal-derived ingredients. From glycerol in brake fluid to tallow fatty alcohol in paint, animal products are everywhere.

    I commend their diet and dedication but saying they use no animal products is the paradox.Its everywhere from carpet to the stain on hardwood floors the list is ENDLESS.

  3. brokencomfort
    brokencomfort says:

    I'm just a little concerned that you consider yourself vegan when you used honey in your dressing recipe. Honey comes from bees that are imprisoned by human beings that have no respect for the well being of the bees. Honey is not vegan!

  4. InvisiMan2006
    InvisiMan2006 says:

    Raw food diets are usually deficient, but this particular day was bad. 

    According to cronometer you were short (by a lot) on calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin a, vitamin b5, Niacin and you barely got enough protein (5% of calories).  

    Wow.  This was not good. 

  5. InvisiMan2006
    InvisiMan2006 says:

    I don't get the "listen to what my body wants"… if we listened to what our body wants, we'd be eating high fat, high salt, high sugar meals. Just look at how an unrestricted child chooses to eat and you'll get my point. 

  6. Bhandari Siyaram
    Bhandari Siyaram says:

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