What Does the Raw Food Diet Consist Of? A Nurse's Guide

If you're wondering what the raw food diet consists of you're not alone. Many people ask me what's included in this diet. Some people even think it includes raw meat, eggs or milk.

The raw food diet has been around for decades but a lot of people have never heard of it. The healthiest people on the planet eat predominately raw foods and it comes from plants. It consists of uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

I realize whenever I say raw foods – it sounds Spartan, and that it must be boring or not very much to eat. But I assure you I eat a lot of it every day and have for many years and never feel hungry. I also enjoy superior health because of my diet.

You may be asking about the raw food diet because you want to improve your health. Everyone who starts eating living foods will notice big changes in their health. The more of it they eat the more health benefits they have.

I eat lots of healthy raw foods alone or in recipes. I have developed and created many of my own recipes and use some that are tried and true that raw fooders have used over the years.

So besides eating fruits or uncooked veggies alone, you can fix all sorts of fun desserts and main courses. I serve many to my family, friends and company and I feel great knowing that I'm not contributing to health problems and they'll enjoy the benefit of living foods. There are many raw recipes that include pies, candies, cookies, crackers and even living fudge.

Huge salads, using red leaf lettuce, romaine or one of the many other choices (except iceberg – which has few nutrients) with homemade living dressings that are quick to fix can fill one up fast. Big all-fruit smoothies are easy and quick to fix and filling too. You can add homemade almond milk if you like for a milkshake. You can even add a couple of handfuls of organic spinach leaves and not be able to taste it for an added boost.

For organic fruits and vegetables I eat a wide variety. Fruits include organic strawberries, mangos, bananas, oranges, apples, blueberries, blackberries and lots more. I use nuts and seeds in my dessert and main course recipes, including flax seeds, sunflowers seeds, sesame seeds, almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, pistachios, Brazil nuts and macadamias.

I lost weight with raw foods and many others report losing weight too and dramatically so. You can eat a lot compared to the usual standard American diet and feel full, feel healthy and lose weight in the process.

So if you're wondering what does the raw food diet consist of, this should give you a good idea what you'd be eating. Of course you don't have to give up all the foods you're eating now if you don't want to and slowly incorporate these into your diet. You'll find that you actually start craving fruits, salads and veggies and no longer crave or desire some of your old fatty, sugary desserts.

Whatever amount you eat will help your body fight off ailments. I cured myself of breast cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sinus problems, acid reflux and many other ailments many years ago. I still eat an all raw food diet today. Give it some thought and slowly add more to your diet. You'll be glad you did when you see and experience the new found energy, weight loss and much improved health.

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