Weight Loss Done Right, Diet 101

This is my article to you, yes I know that weight loss can be hard. I was there I have lived it and been through it all. But like anything else I overcame pressures and went through it and lost over 67 pounds in just a few short months.

Diet- this is the first thing I would like to touch bases on. What are you eating? This is important, you must try to stay as far away from sugar as possible. Yes sugar, this even means fruit. many times people will tell me I thought fruit was good for you, I say it is but to an extent and when you are dieting you want to stay away from it.

Raw Veggies are the best things for you!

They are rich in anti-oxidants and some of the best things you can put inside your body. Processed foods are a no-no.

Stay away from McDonalds, and any other fast food joint. Does this sound hard? Well I never said it was going to be easy. Because it is not, not by any means.

You must stay strong, weight loss done right only can happen one way. you must do it. You must diet, you must exercise, you must eat healthy.

These all sound like hard things to do but this is the way to weight loss done right.

Cardio- this is also good for you when you are dieting. This is because is raises your metabolism and allows your body to burn off access fat.

You can get your cardio from a number of different ways.




Riding a bike


Weight lifting


These are all great ways to get your heart moving and cardio rate up and be on the right track to weight loss done right.

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