Vegan & Raw Food Jamaica *Living Akashi* Rainforest Retreats

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13 replies
  1. Edwin Rivera
    Edwin Rivera says:

    As you are living there I too want that life. Come October I will live the same life in Puerto Rico. Up in the mountains, on a river, growing all the fruits. Vegan life. You guys are making it all come to life.

  2. Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz says:

    my gf and I are trying to leave the u.s.a to go to live in jamaica. we leaving everything behind including money. we wondering if we could go live there and work with the land or if you know anyone that will welcome us to give us shelter. we don't want to live in this man made world but to return to God's creation were we can be freely naked clothes by our skins and enjoy the fruits jah has given us and to do our main job which is to return the seeds to the soil and created abundance of life.

  3. homerNangel
    homerNangel says:

    READ the caption: it says VEGAN and RAW gosh you people are a trial on here. Eat some meat and chill lol. Sorry no offence its just I cant see what all the tension is about when the caption reads so clearly. I'm non-Vegan but I love good healthy food full-stop and will eat anything God has provided on the earth at least once I may not like everything but I'm willing to try it. One love,Take it easy folks.

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