Vegan Raw Diet Music Video

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27 replies
  1. Eclectic Enigma
    Eclectic Enigma says:

    this video was Great Guys, Im a vegan and i approve this message lol. and fyi we get plenty of B12 & B9 from soy,rice,almond milk
    Omega 3 and 6 Hemp milk or Flaxseeds.
    Proteins from Beans and seeds- ever heard of Adzuki beans 17.3 grams per serving, 4servings has 69.2g,thats a whole bag, eat it up from the Veggies contain way more nutrients than a Hormone pumped cow, its just advice tho, yall carnivores can eat w.e you wanna eat lol,that poisons not going into my body, that's ferrsure


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