Truth About the Seven Day Diet

What is a seven day diet? The term is pretty self-explanatory, it is a diet program that is to be followed for a seven day period and promises substantial weight loss. Some examples of seven day diets are the cabbage soup diet, the fruit and vegetable diet and the General Motors Weight Loss Program. While some of these diets have been effective, they are not the healthiest choice for anyone who wants to lose weight. This is why none of these programs has been recommended by a physician as a safe way to lose weight: most of the weight lost during this diet is in fact muscle mass, and not fat.

In addition to this, the seven day diet may lead to 'yo-yo dieting', where the person on the diet keeps gaining the weight lost and has to resort to the diet again. For example, if you lose 10 pounds the first time you use the diet, you may gain back 20 pounds, as your body members the diet a period of deprivation and starts storing fat to ensure you have energy reserves, and it slows down your metabolism , while you may be tempted to overeat to make up for the previous week. The next time, you'd try and diet off the 20 pounds you've earned, but after a while may end up gaining even more. This cycle of weight loss and gain is very unhealthy and quite de-stimulating too.

In spite of all the risk factors, many people decide to go ahead with the seven day diet anyway. While it is not advisable, its impact may be minimized by progressing onto a healthy eating plan and exercise program after the diet, using the weight lost during the seven day program as a motivation factor to keep going with the healthier program. Most use this diet as a way to lose weight fast just before an event, so that they can wear clothes they bought hoping they'd ever fit.

The good news is that most seven day diets do incorporate healthy elements such as drinking lots of water and eating more fruits and vegetables that make a great start for any eating plan. So, while the best option is to change your lifestyle so that you're getting more exercise and making healthy eating options, if you're in a real pinch, you might choose to jumpstart your fitness program by going on one of the seven day diets out there. Just remember to consult your physician before you begin to make sure it does not adversely affect your health.

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