Transformations with Pics-Raw Food Journey Small changes make a big difference

Blessings to you all! Thank you for subscribing!! Part 3 discusses how to incorporate Raw into your life, without feeling pressured to go completely raw. Oh and some pics to keep you inspired 🙂









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42 replies
  1. Paula Becze
    Paula Becze says:

    YEEEEYYYY ! I saw the pictures on your facebook 🙂 I'm so happy for you .Good Job. I agree with you that small steps can lead to big changes. I know from my own experience what small changes can do to your life. You inspired me to go vegetarian …i am still on dairy but i am getting there .Last week i started in the morning with a banana+ other fruits smoothie . Congratulation to me 😛 and thank you again B for sharing all this with us.  How about tea ? is it ok if you drink tea? like organic plants with hot water on ,no sugar or sweeteners.Sending you so many blessings <3 <3 

  2. MichelleseaChelle
    MichelleseaChelle says:

    I'm sooooo happy to hear that so many people are going raw now. It really is, from my experience and others, the best diet for humans. You look so amazing. Congratulations. Not many people can ust go raw like that without some cheating; trust me, I know. lol.

  3. Beckah D
    Beckah D says:

    You look absolutely amazing! I didn't struggle so much with my weight, but since I started eating well and getting my fruits and veggies in, I can't believe how much healthier I feel! You've made such progress in such a short time! You go girl! 🙂

  4. Rochelle Carter
    Rochelle Carter says:

    I completely agree with you and taking care of our bodies. Although I have been doing "The Plan" as recommended by my Dr, much of it incorporates fruits and vegetables and listening to your body like the Raw Food Diet.  I have been able to lose 20 pounds slowly – as a lifestyle change. Fruits, Veggies, Nuts etc are so wonderful for our bodies – inside and out.

  5. Candice Rubio
    Candice Rubio says:

    Would you recommend this diet for Diabetics??  By the way congrats!  I didn't know you had a weight issue.  You look wonderful, I don't know how I will do on this kind of diet because I am so use to eating meat.  But I am diabetic and am looking for a good new way to eat.  Thank you B!

  6. wateraphrodite
    wateraphrodite says:

    The fruit smoothie every morning has been MAGICAL for me!  Add spirulina, good to go!  My cleanse didn't disclude all meat; but the no dairy, no gluten, no processed foods really made me feel wonderful!  Now that I've been putting small bits of these foods back in my life one at a time, I've figured out the gluten makes me so sick!  To each their own, but congrats for finding your what's worked so great for you!

  7. Dani161803
    Dani161803 says:

    Thank you, Becky, you are so right, raw food brings so much energy into our bodies, I've seen the difference myself. I would add that the mental and emotional state is also very important, if not crucial to ensure that all food that we take in is properly absorbed. If we are self-blaming, angry or depressed, no matter what food we eat we'll still gain weight and be miserable. It's important to clean the mind, the heart and the body at the same time! Much love ♥

  8. avni bhansali
    avni bhansali says:

    hi i have been vegetarian for 3 years. physically it has caused me more harm than good because i've gained weight and feel more hungry. i also get sick more often and i experience lots of muscular pain when i exercise. but mentally and spiritually i feel stronger. I eat fried processed veg meat every other day because as a student cooking vegetables is time consuming and i was just wondering what is more harmful to my health 'seafood and fish' or 'processed veg meat'. i also want to know whether my eating seafood only (and not meat or poultry) will affect my psychic abilities and spiritual health

    thank you

    anyone please feel free to comment. your opinion is of great value

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