Top 15 Mistakes Beginners Make on a Raw Food Diet – Part 1/2


The Top 15 Mistakes Beginners Make on a Raw Food Diet

1. Misinterpreting the Cause of Blood Test Results – Don’t forget how long you spent living your previous lifestyle. Your genetics and the choices you made in your past show up today. Don’t automatically assume it is the new raw vegan diet.

2. Undereating – THIS IS SO COMMON! Are you experiencing lack of motivation, low “energy”, feeling spacey, headaches? You might be undereating. Track your calories with something like and make sure you are getting enough for your activity level. (I have eaten up to 3500 cals on some days.)

3. Unnecessary Concern Over Bathroom Trips – You are now eating high water content foods! Compared to cooked (dehydrated) meals prior, people often experience shock with how many times they are taking bathroom breaks. Remember that you should be peeing clear at ~10x a day.

4. Being Judgemental of Other Diets – Who does this benefit? No one.

5.Changing Themselves to “Fit In” – There is no one definition of a raw vegan. Be yourself, continue to do what makes your heart happy.

6.Not Identifying Detox as Such – You may go through a time of unpleasant at the beginning of your transition. Don’t let this deter you.

7.Falling Back Into Unhealthy Eating Because of Cravings – Often people start to introduce cooked food and it is a slippery slope. With yummy low fat raw vegan alternatives there is no need for this.

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38 replies
  1. CrossKira
    CrossKira says:

    You are so gorgeous! I did this diet for two months, or I tried, and I broke out so badly I didn't even want to leave the house. It has taken months to recover. I blamed the diet, but now I firmly believe I was doing it wrong and I was eating too many dates and fat. I will try to buy your e-book when I have enough money! :)

  2. Amber
    Amber says:

    Hello Kat :3 I love your channel ! You're amazing !
    I would like to ask you how to know how many calories we have to eat each day on this raw vegan 80 10 10 lifestyle. Because, I've been following this diet for about 5 months now, I saw great improvements, especially physically, but I was eating only 1800 to 2000 calories a day ! Which I think is not enough. I have still depression, and chronic tiredness, things like that. I don't feel good at all with my head 🙁 but, it was more awful before starting this diet too. I believe in this lifestyle, I am still eating like this, but since today, I'll try to eat 3000 calories on a daily basis.

    Do you think that not eating enough calories could lead to so many problems ? And that you can't heal properly without eat more ?

    Thank you for all ! 🙂 I want to thrive, and that everyone else thrive too ! <3

  3. Ilse 01
    Ilse 01 says:

    Hi, I've been trying the 80/10/10 diet for 4 years now; but when I eat a mono meal on fruit, I feel that my blood sugar goes to high and I feel my heart beats very fast… What can I do because putting some nuts in a smoothie is not allowed. Thanks, Ilse from Belgium

  4. sabiine
    sabiine says:

    Kat you are glowing! You're skin is actually glowing, and your soul is so bright!
    Anyway, I am also a vegan, I've officially started about 5 days ago and I feel happier inside. My heart is more calm and my eyes see more beauty in life. I love traveling and health and fitness if you could check out my channel also, that'd be awesome.
    Peace and mahalo!

  5. Kelly Granite
    Kelly Granite says:

    Hi Kat, 
    We are in the same "tribe", I love your "Mistakes on the Raw Food Diet" Video! I am over 50, and have used the raw food diet to help me through Menopause and to Reverse the Aging Process. I have been a Raw Foodist for over 5 years. I really find the "Pound of Leaves" a day to be the secret to my Raw High! I am going to have a blood test soon to look at my body "Scientifically". I am sharing this note, for your over 50 followers….:) I feel it is my calling to help get them through Menopause without drugs.

    A bit about my natural menopause, using the Raw Food Diet. I have heard that if you take the same vitamin every day, that your body will stop making that particular one, making you dependent on it. If you feel you are missing a mineral, which everyone on the planet is— we can take that mineral for three weeks reminding our body to make it and then stop. I am getting my nutrients from an all live diet and "natural estrogen" from flax crackers and from drinking a pound of leaves a day. If anyone wants to experiment with the raw food diet and enjoy another Raw Foodist's Channel. I invite you to my channel  "Kelly Granite Enck"  Raw Food Alchemist. Love Kel

  6. Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor says:

    Really informative video Kat ! Your voice is so calming and low it was hard hearing some of the segments ( or maybe it was My IPad I was listening on ). I'm now 4 weeks into the "raw" vegan methods and I've lost 17 lbs …….. Which shocked me as I never got on this for weight loss but for an experiment in trying to "Cure" an underlying problem with Male Rosacea that I've have for going on 3 years now . Thanks for these tips !!

  7. virgorouge
    virgorouge says:

    Wonderful channel…people seem very healthy on a raw vegan diet..but the raw paleo people seem healthier for the most part…I have professional dance videos..I am on a 100 percent raw neolithic diet and I have yet to see someone as upbeat and as high on life as I am in the raw vegan community

  8. small footprint
    small footprint says:

    I do want to say…and it's just my experience. When we call the way we eat, "a life style" or a "movement," or even "this diet," we cause the very questions that you say you get. I don't talk about eating in that way. If asked, I just say, "I eat pretty simply, mostly whole foods: mostly in it's original form, I feel it's healthy." They can relate to eating a salad or an apple. It does sound sort of woo woo when you/we talk about it like it's some "out of this world" way of eating. It's not. It just leaves out refined, processed foods, oil, salt, and sugar. I eat cooked starches too some, a la McDougall, and his colleagues. Eating whole, even raw shouldn't be treated as weird. That starts with us and the way we talk about it. One of the most important things I learned was to not eat a lot of smoothies and juices. I know it goes against a lot of what we who have eaten that way but we need the fiber for proper assimilation of the nutrients in the food. I know you can use the fiber to make things but why? Just eat it whole and get all the goodies from the actual food. I've been a vegetarian/vegan/macrobiotic/raw, etc since the early 80s and am a pretty healthy specimen of an "aging" whole foods eater. Whatever you can do to eat more whole, do it. It really pays.

  9. Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor says:

    I'm now on my new "Food Plan" (I refuse to call it a Diet Plan) for 14 months now !! I actually had to start eating lean fish and chicken again almost daily as my weight had dropped 34 lbs in 6 weeks and I STRUGGLED to keep my weight above 175 lbs …… I am back up to a better, healthier weight of 185lbs for about 5 months and believe this is right for me ! My Rosacea never went away as I had hoped ….. But …… I'm on a much better lifestyle now…….

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