Tips for an Easy Diabetic Diet Menu

A diabetic diet menu is not a rigid diet where all you can eat are fruits or vegetables, although including plenty of these foods in your diet is beneficial but that applies for everyone and not just for diabetics. Below are some suggestions for a good diabetic diet menu:

– Include a wide variety of vegetables and fruits to your diabetic diet menu. Include apples, oranges, bananas, red cabbage, beans and carrots. Eat vegetables that are high in fiber and low on starch like broccoli and spinach. Additional fiber helps digestion and improvements health.

– As much as possible try to eat whole grains instead of processed foods. Grains are at the base of the diabetic food pyramid which means that you should make it a central part of your diabetic diet menu. Choose whole wheat spaghetti and brown rice.

– Eat food at regular intervals. Do not have large gaps or too low gaps between successful meals such as lunch and evening snacks.

– Pick non-fat dairy goods like skimmed milk, non-fat yogurt and cheese. If the taste of these products does not suit you, you can go for the low-fat instead of non-fat dairy products. Today a lot of flavors are available in market such as strawberry, blueberry, peach etc. Include these in your Diabetic Diet Menu.

– One of the Diabetic cooking tips you can use is to abstain from high-calorie drinks like sodas. It is better to just drink water and fresh, natural fruit juices. Cut down on coffee and tea as much as possible. If not, try to reduce the sugar you use or opt for an artificial sweetener instead.

– Cut down on desserts. Sorry to say !! We all love to eat cakes, cookies and ice cream but cutting down on them can make a big difference on having a healthy body. It is alright to eat at once a week rather than every day. This change you need to make in the Diabetic Diet.

To stay in health, try to implement above food tips as much as you can. A diabetic diet menu emphasizes eating the right foods and the right amount. Remember, it is all about control and discipline.

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