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26 replies
  1. Mark David Roberts
    Mark David Roberts says:

    I eat raw smoothie almost every day. I started doing it initially because of the skin condition doctors called eczema. Treatment with steroids only helped temporarily. Within 2 weeks of eating a raw smoothie every day, my 2+ year chronic skin disease was 90% gone. Example ingredients from today(all organic):

    1 frozen banana
    cup or 2 of frozen blueberries / blackberries
    about 1/3 cup of tahini
    3 dates
    buried treasure liquid colloidal minerals
    spirulina powder
    manitoba hemp pro 50 hemp protein / fiber powder
    bcaa, alcar, and a few other chemicals (I mix 6 or so various amino acids, etc. powders with the spirulina in a big batch and add a spoon or two in the smoothie)
    top off the blender with cold distilled water and mix it up.

    It's made a great difference in every aspect of my life.

    Thank you Ralph Smart for what you're doing:) Great work!!!!!!!!!!! Subbed and shared!

  2. Nick Clarke
    Nick Clarke says:

    Is it not possible that you just weren't eating enough raw nutrients and fruit and veggies in general and thats a bigger problem than meat? Because i know several paleo people who look just as good as you and they eat tons of plants. Not criticising you, just putting my thoughts out there

  3. Torey Hayes
    Torey Hayes says:

    @8:43 I just started eating raw about 4 months ago in April 2016 & I was surprised to see that my cholesterol level went up. I read in the wheat belly book that's the body's natural response to elimination of grains & such so I'm hoping it will go back down. All I eat are raw vegetables, fruits & nuts. Papaya is my favorite, I consume 1 just about every day (eating most of the seeds too).

  4. Imran Armani
    Imran Armani says:

    I am a doctor , i first went vegetarian 3 years ago then now i am on a Total Raw food Transition ———– Every word he says is True . Strength Stamina Disease free life and Positive Attitude …………………. life is so wonderful if we eat Fruits n Vege and Nuts only ————————————- i strike off bread n rice as well from my list as well ———– Tea, salt and oil as well

  5. Imran Armani
    Imran Armani says:

    No species on Planet cook or Process its food – All eat as it comes in Nature . it is only human who cook n process and the it is we at the end of the day that has cancer and other disease – We are wasting our time n money and causing fuel wastage and global warming at end of the day

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