The Advantages and Disadvantages of Eating Raw Food

The United States has one of the world's biggest problems, obesity. And for the same problem, people all over the world, mostly in the United States are rapidly changing their lifestyle and engaging into diets and one of the particular diets that are commonly used today is the raw food diet. This diet consist of of course, raw food such as seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables and so much more. People who are already engaged in this form of dieting that it has numerous health benefits such as anti-aging, livening up of mood, increased energy, improved skin complexion and can fight numerous diseases. To name one is Crohn's disease, and it can reduce the occurrence of some forms of cancer (not all cancer, by the way).

There are a lot of health benefits regarding this diet. Included here are the advantages.
• The body looks to have more energy than usual. And because of the energy that the body has, the feeling of being stress is reduced.
• Total cleansing and systematic detoxification process will be given to the body because of the natural wonders of raw foods.
• Uncooked foods have not absorbed sugar and cholesterol because of the fact that these substances are absorbed by the food due to the different kinds of cooking methods. As result, engaging into this diet can reduce the occurrence of diabetes and any form of heart disease.
• The nutrients in raw foods can give healthy skin and youthful looking glow. Overall, it gives the skin a great complexion.
• It increases the health of the body's immune system.

Nothing is perfect in this world and this diet also has imperfections. Enlisted here are the disadvantages.
• Some foods are really healthy when cooked. To name a few are beans and tomatoes. Beans are more nutritious when cooked, compared to the uncooked ones. Raw tomatoes contains less lycopene that that of the cooked ones. As result, a raw food dieter may experience lycopene deficiency and this deficiency may lead to prostate cancer.
• The digestive system may not work properly because it is too weak to digest raw foods that contain live enzymes.
• Cooking vegetables in different ways like sauting, baking, simmering or slightly steaming may loose a little amount of enzymes, but it can help in proper digestion and iron absorption is increased from 37 to 52 percent.
• Vitamin B12 deficiency may be experienced when only eating raw food because vitamin B12 is found in animal meat alone.

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