Take Fruits Juice and Get Rid of Diseases

We all know that fruits are very beneficial for our health. But fruits are not only beneficial only; we can get rid of many diseases also by using some fruit juices regularly.

1. To Gain Immunity: Juice of two carrots, one peace of ginger and an apple in your breakfast improves the immunity of your body. You can mix some salt in this juice for taste.

2. To Decrease the Cholesterol level: Juice of an apple and four peaces of cucumbers can decrease the cholesterol level. You are suggested to take it in early in the morning.

3. For Digestion: Juice of four peaces of cucumber, some cageb and some cucumber makes digestion system healthy.

4. For glowing skin: Juice of two tomatoes and two apples can give a new glow to your skin. You can take it in your breakfast.

5. For Kidney Stones: Juice of five peaces of pineapple, two apples and some peaces of watermelon can remove the kidney stone by using regularly for forty five days in the morning. It will fix your kidney system and destroy the stone.

6. For Diabetes: juice of a pear, a peace of ginger, one bitter gourd, one apple, five peaces of cucumber, five leaves of basil and one orange can decrease the diabetes. You are recommended to take this juice before your breakfast in the morning. It will decrease the diabetes level, improve the immunity system and increase the weakness of the patient.

7. For Blood Pressure: juice of four-five carrots, two apples, one pear and some peaces of mango will help you to control the blood pressure.

8. For Constipation: juice of two bananas and some peaces of pineapple with some milk are the best treatment for constipation. You are recommended to take it in the night before going to your bed.

If you will include fruit juices in your diet, then you can save your body from many diseases.

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