Supplements on a Raw Food Diet: What I Use

I’ve been asked so today is about on a raw food diet and what I use. This can be a bit of a heated discussion among those on the raw vegan lifestyle. As I advise on all things regarding a plant base diet, do your own research and make your own decisions!

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18 replies
  1. Lisa Dee
    Lisa Dee says:

    I use epsom salt daily in a bath as well – it is so healing and cleansing and we do absorb some of it. I soak brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds overnight just to be sure I can absorb the nutrients in them. I whiz the seeds in a nut grinder and add a little salt to make a "nut cheese."

  2. Neely Crombie
    Neely Crombie says:

    My father in law has Pernicious Anemia ( it's an auto immune disease that destroys the protein he need to absorb b12) a deficiency in b12 is no joke!! He is in a pretty serious state these days due to his deficiency with some permanent nerve damage. Yes of course this auto immune issue and the nerve damage could be fixed with the proper diet but that's another issue in it self. Do Not play around with not getting enough b12. You can't overdose.. You will just pee out the excess. Also you are very correct that you need MethylCobalamin. A large percentage of people cannot Methylate Cyonocabalomin due to the common MTHFR gene defect.

  3. MissAllanPoe1989
    MissAllanPoe1989 says:

    I grow mushrooms then supercharge them in the sun. It dehydrates naturally here where I live in one day and use that as a supplement during the colder months when there's not enough fruit and I have a cooked dinner. Works out great!! If you're worried at all about zinc or calcium and want to keep the fat super low, I highly recommend microgreens. I grow them for a living and I know all the ins and outs of these wonderful greens. Cabbage for calcium, purple kohlrabi for iron, Sunflower for e and zinc, arugula, broccoli all contain those high levels of it too. Way higher than the fully grown vegetable. They're very cheap to grow like the mushrooms so that's an option for some of yall!

    Do you dye your hair? No hate at ALL if you do but I'm just confused between the color of your beard and your hair why it's so different.

    <33 from arizona

  4. VC
    VC says:

    Well said, this is all about taking full responsibility for one's health. I do not like isolates so I try to get stuff that is naturally sourced. Dulse, chlorella, pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, sprouts, always tweaking and changing, and never too obsessed with supplements anyway. This will make vegan-warriors cringe but, if at some point I realise I am going towards b12 or zinc deficiency, I will consider incorporating a serving or two of oysters or mussels a month, rather than taking synthetics.

  5. charlotte Yarbrough
    charlotte Yarbrough says:

    I had to add salmon back in for B12 and D because I had a blood test done and I was very low on those in a dangerous level. I was taking the B12 and D but not absorbing it so be careful with that Jack. Still kind of bummed out cause I was vegan for 5 years. I'm doing raw with a small amount of the salmon daily. Gonna go back in 3 months to see if that helps also. No hate Jack just saying be careful. I also heard the iodine supplements were dangerous. Maybe I was getting a poor source of supplements but I can't take any chances for now. Wish you the best. Hope your mom is doing well to. You haven't told us about her lately. Guessing that means she's about the same but sending lots of love her way as well.

  6. Eepy-Cheepy Cheepaford
    Eepy-Cheepy Cheepaford says:

    Should you take over 5000 mcg for B-12 everyday if you have an iron deficiency and exercise every day for one to two hours, for a young adult 5 foot 3 female? I eat an omnivorous diet, but it's not processed, with a lot of fruit and veg and fruit and veg based supplements.

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