Successful Detoxification With Cabbage Detox Diet

Lately detoxification is being given lots of attention. Although the idea existed for years, it was taken for granted by the people. However nowadays people have gained interest in detoxification, many people now feel a dire need for this. Perhaps this is because of the reason that there has been a drastic increase in the number of diseases in the present in the era.

Cabbage Detox Diet Removes Presence of Toxins:

We have exposure to numerous toxins & free radical present in the atmosphere which leads to a slow but regular accumulation of toxic wastes in our body. Such toxic & harmful products are in the air, water, food products that we eat and even medicines are not free from them, especially in the medicines for cancer. This is an alarming thought now because even if you take medicines to fight the toxins you will still be taking in more toxins one way or the other.

Cabbage Recipe: Cabbage Detox Diet

The cabbage detox diet is one of the most extraordinary, harmless diet programs used today. The cabbage has beneficial properties that are known to prevent cancer, among other known diseases. Cabbage detox diet normally has a 7 day detoxification program i.e. a full week, during this week the dieter’s whole consumption of food revolves around cabbage in raw form or in any other desired form e.g. cabbage soup. Cabbage detox diet does not only remove harmful toxins but also an effective way to get rid of obesity by losing weight.

A Drawback of Cabbage Detox Diet:

However like every other diet program, cabbage detox diet program also has negative effects. Cabbage detox diet can prove completely useless and difficult for a person who is used to eating very spicy & delicious foods. His taste buds would not be able to endure this blend i.e. spice less dish, and surely it will be troublesome for him. Some other people also does not like cabbage detox diet because they find eating cabbages for a whole week very boring & tough. The cabbage detox diet also does not have much nutrient-ional value like other diet programs and contain large amount of salt that you would pile up in your body.

Because cabbage does not provide the essentials & basic materials needed by the body, the cabbage detox diet can not be followed on for long. A person on cabbage detox diet might suffer from dietary imbalance so don’t venture for it very often, once in 4 month would be enough If you feel the need of detoxifying your body.

Alternative Programs for Detox Diet:

Beside the cabbage detox diet program there are many other healthier alternative food programs available which might not sound as boring as munching cabbages for a week. You can detoxify your body by eating raw vegetables, raw fruits and a varied combination of different fruits & vegetables. The primary objective of detoxification is helping your body get rid of the gathered toxic waste in your system. So it would be best to keep yourself away from starchy foods such as cereals & fatty foods because as prevention is better than cure. By refraining from canned foods, sugar, caffeine, tea etc you can very well protect your body from the accumulation of toxic products.

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