Singapore’s Cocoloco emphasises raw and natural with its pink offering

Cocoloco’s parent company is Siam Coconut Pte Ltd, a well-known supplier of Thai coconuts for big food service outlets such as Jumbo Seafood and Thai Express.

Having been in the coconut industry for over 18 years, the family-run business was revitalised after Kelvin Ngian, whose father owns the company, came in with fresh perspective.

“There was a sudden [surge in] interest in packaged coconut water when I joined the company about seven years back, [but] after trying all the options [available], I felt like none of them tasted like the actual thing,” ​Ngian, who is also General Manager of Siam Coconut, told FoodNavigator-Asia.

“So [my approach] to creating the next best thing to an actual coconut, [which was also the easiest], to simply empty the coconut into a bottle [and sell it].”

He added that the ‘purist’​ approach to coconut water not only worked, but keeping things pure and raw added the appeal for consumers.

“So that’s how Cocoloco was born – [Loco is] a word play on both local and crazy,”​ he explained.

As for the aesthetic aspect of the product, being that it is a pretty pink in colour, Ngian claimed this to be a 100% natural occurrence.

“That is probably the most asked question of all – a lot of people think we add colouring or flavouring,”​ he said.

“But truth be told, we add absolutely nothing to our coconut water.

“Cocoloco turns pink because of a natural reaction between light and a natural antioxidant called polyphenols found in coconut water. And because we are raw (meaning we don’t cook our coconut water), these polyphenols react with light and turn pink naturally.”

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