Seasonal Raw Food Diet Changes

Talking about my seasonal raw food diet changes to finish the week. Do you eat and feel differently during the year on a plant based diet? However you eat for the rest of the year, summer is epic for those on a raw vegan lifestyle.

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12 replies
  1. Susan Gallagher
    Susan Gallagher says:

    Keywords keep it simple for me people need to understand that when they start simple and pay attention to their own body they'll figure it out. Our bodies are not cookie cutter diet pills recipes meal plans. Great video I appreciate it enjoy that sunshine

  2. Noelle S
    Noelle S says:

    I wish you lived near me so I would have someone to go for a walk with. Nobody I know has any interest in health or movement. I'm going to have to find a way to broaden my circle. I mostly like to be alone, (I enjoy my own company) but it would be nice to have a fitness buddy once in awhile.

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