Rise and shine with Rise Juice

Add a splash of colour to your day in the form of delicious, cold-pressed juice loaded with nutrients and say hello to Lacombe’s newest downtown business.


Rise Juice Co., located in the former Sweet Capones location on 50 St., opens this Thursday, offering Central Albertans a new, refreshing way to start their day – or add to it.

Featuring a base of 10 different juices, six smoothies and three nut milks, as well as seasonal options, there’s bound to be a flavour for everyone. More importantly, there’s a way to help Lacombe and area residents improve their health and increase their consumption of raw fruits and vegetables.

“I believe that food is medicine,” said Tracy Kuhn, who is described as the energy behind Rise. “With lots of love and laughter and a healthy diet, we can help heal our loved ones.”

It was something Kuhn learned first hand about five years ago when she was trying to heal a few minor ailments of her own. The more juice she drank, she said, the better she started to feel.

“I started experimenting with my diet and more raw foods to see if I could change the way I felt. I had immediate results from the fresh fruits and vegetables,” she said. “I wanted to know more about it.”

Then, her grandson was diagnosed with liver cancer and healthy eating, nutrients and vitamins became a focus and priority for the entire family.

“We put all our passion and energy into learning more about a plant-based food diet and this became our family strength,” she said. “That’s how Rise started – a whole family becoming interested in healing.”

The positivity, energy and overall health that came with the journey is now something they want to share with the community of Lacombe. Juicing as a whole has become somewhat of a movement in the healthy-lifestyle world as well, with more and more people looking for ways to get their daily vitamins in no matter how busy and hectic their life might get.

“It’s being proactive in our health care and taking care of ourselves,” Kuhn said. “Cold-pressed juice is convenient. It’s an easy way for all of us to increase our consumption of raw fruits and vegetables.”

Each 16-oz. bottle, she explains, contains between two-and-a-half and five pounds of vegetables, depending on the recipe.

Cold-pressed, meanwhile, is the process by which Rise makes its juice.

“The cold-pressed process means there’s no heat generated in the making of the juice, so it leaves behind live enzymes and nutrients. It’s the best way to extract the maximum amount of raw juice available,” she said. “There’s no pasteurization, and we only have a three-day shelf life on our juice because there’s no additives.”

While she’s eager to open the doors on Thursday, however, she notes juice isn’t intended to be a miracle weight-loss program or insta-cure for sickness.

“Juicing can be for anyone, but it’s not to replace anything,” she said. “Juice isn’t a quick fix, it’s not a weight-loss program. It’s a way for us to be proactive in our own health care and increase our daily consumption of raw fruits and vegetables.”

Rise Juice will be available at Lacombe and Red Deer farmer’s markets, as well as the All Things Pretty market to get the “power of juice” out to as many people as possible. They’ve also partnered with Wild Child Brew in Red Deer to offer Kombucha, and have plans to expand into healthy lunch and breakfast options.

Naturally, Rise will also be available at their downtown location, which Kuhn says she’s proud to be apart of.

“We have a great city,” she says. “We’re so excited. If you want to be a creative entrepreneur, the City of Lacombe is the place to be.”

Rise Juice can be found online via their website at www.risejuiceco.ca as well as on Facebook and Twitter @RiseJuiceCo. 

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