Reversing Aging! : Menopause and Raw Food Diet

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Certain foods contain hormone-like compounds called phytoestrogens, plant-based foods high in estrogen-like compounds. These phytoestrogens are an excellent natural hormone replacement that converts into estrogen-like compounds in the body. It is best to use a variety of estrogen foods for overall menopause health. Also, do not over indulge in these foods, balance is the key to a variety of raw foods. My aim is to remind my body of what it should make and then stop taking any form of supplement. If I am always taking a supplement my body will stop making it, but if I remind my body what to make—and stop the supplement it will kick in a create what is needed using all the nutrients from my live vibrant raw food diet!

Foods rich in phytoestrogens, a natural estrogen:
Number one: Flax Seed, (See My Next Youtube for Best Natural Estrogen Sources!) Flaxseeds have 800 times more plant estrogen than any other plant based source!

List of Foods High in Estrogen
1. Flax Seeds
2. Fennel Seeds
3. Fenugreek
4. Watercress
5. Sesame Seeds
6. Berries of Saw Palmetto

Here are a list of herbs you can take to help lessen negative menopausal symptoms and can easily be stirred into teas via tincture.

Black cohosh
Chaste tree berry
Red raspberry leaf
Red clover

I only take Vitamins for three weeks to remind my body to make what it’s missing, then I stop. I do not depend on any pills or vitamins to balance my hormones. I use “live organic foods” to add estrogen and enzymes to my body, which naturally balances hormones. I am excited that I did not cave in and take “medicine”.

* Note before changing your diet dramatically, seek medical advice.

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12 replies
  1. Donna Vee
    Donna Vee says:

    SOOOOO hard to give up my chardonnay… uggggg. and one cup of coffee a day?  yikes. Even that seems impossible.  We're the same age.  I was born, December 1960.  You're an inspiration xoxo

  2. Danny Borke
    Danny Borke says:

    You seem like a sweet woman. I am very happy for you. I think it looks like you have a body of an 27 year old, and your face looks MAX late 30'. Hope it turns out we can actually stop aging with an raw alkaline diet. 🙂 Good luck to you.

  3. Stephanie Knaus
    Stephanie Knaus says:

    Kelly you make me smile – you're so full of life and energy and a true inspiration. As I age I've been more interested in a healthful life and have been feeling good and ive noticed how I'm pulling away from others my age. Where they are slowing down even in our 40's Im feeling better than ever and you help educate and inspire me so thank you. I want to be free of all if not most of the typical problems of aging due to diet and lifestyle vs accepting that it's normal too feel poorly because I disagree that you can't feel vibrant and healthy as you age and you've proven that here and now so thanks again ~

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