Raw Vs Cooked Food Vegan Diets | Dr. Michael Greger

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Bananiac asks what Dr. Greger thinks about raw food vegan diets and what the research shows. Are raw vegan diets superior to just regular vegan diets?

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20 replies
  1. musclehard1
    musclehard1 says:

    a little cooked vegetables is ok but grains,most starch and processed food dehydrates us,and makes our system work hard to digest and there very addictive once you add sauces and condiments to make them taste good and most people like myself have a hard time only eating small amounts

  2. Claudia T.
    Claudia T. says:

    Hello one question, because my english is not the best. I have
    understand, that the adventist the longest living people on the earth, but the healthiest people on Earth? And when you not eat bad things like vegan ice, vegan cookies and other bad thinks, then is cookes vegan food good, maby mixes with raw things. Is this the context?

  3. Emily Slaton
    Emily Slaton says:

    I'm a whole foods gluten free vegan and less than 5% of my diet is processed foods. It works for me 🙂 And I'm only gluten free because I have an allergy- I don't necessarily think gluten free oatmeal is healthier than regular oatmeal. It does help me avoid a lot of the processed things-like vegan cookies, vegan chicken nuggets, etc.

  4. jannu jokunen
    jannu jokunen says:

    The consumption of a raw food diet is associated with a high loss of body weight. Since many raw food dieters exhibited underweight and amenorrhea, a very strict raw food diet cannot be recommended on a long-term basis."


    "Shifting to the uncooked vegan diet significantly increased the intakes of energy and many nutrients. In spite of the increased energy intake, the group on the vegan diet lost 9% of their body weight during the intervention period, indicating a low availability of energy from the vegan diet."


    " Changing the ratio of raw food intake toward an extreme regimen with a very low intake of vitamin B-12 may be harmful in the prevention of coronary heart disease rather than providing additional benefits as occurs with milder dietary regimens."


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