Raw Vegan Taco Meat

Puradyme Protein:

Raw Vegan Taco Meat:
4 Cups Walnuts
1/2 Cup Puradyme Protein
4 Tbs. Olive Oil
1 Tsp. Garlic Powder
1 Tsp. Cumin
1 Tsp. Paprika
1 Tbs.Sea Salt

Pulverize in food processor with S blade until desired texture is reached. Add to a collard leaf with tomatoes, cilantro, avocado, lettuce, jalapeños and a pine nut or macadamia nut sour cream.

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  1. Dj Rome
    Dj Rome says:

    Hello Dan I had a quick question I would like to know if it was any herb out there that will help me with my hair loss I am 26 years old and I lost all of my hair I am in the transition of going vegan but would like to know if there are any herbs out there that will help my hair grow back stronger and thicker
    Thank you

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