RAW – The Uncooked Cooking Show

A fresh new television series on a growing movement in food — RAWISM. Explore a vast world of taste and variety, along with the many health benefits of foods that retain all their vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Join Shivani, a raw food devotee, who has spent many years travelling the world in search of knowledge and recipes, as she shares her favourite tips and delicious, easy to prepare meals — like pasta with tomato sauce, strawberry pie with chocolate ice cream – without going near a stove!

See why celebrities like Demi Moore are turning to Raw, and enjoying better health, vitality, stamina and longevity with food that’s fresh, natural, nutritious and… RAW.

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31 replies
  1. Peter Kelly
    Peter Kelly says:

    Apple cider vinegar is not raw, garlic opens up the blood cell membrane allowing parasites through. Awareness of consciousness is about sharing & making sure of what we share is correct, nuts & seeds should be soaked overnight to expel the enzyme inhibitors making sure of proper digestion l,p,l & healing.

  2. Paula R.
    Paula R. says:

    Just happen to come across this video and I was so excited to see beautiful Shivani show all her raw recipes. Loved the fact that you through in the spiritual part of the location and the food. I can only speak for myself but I am so fed up with all the fast food that is shoved down our throats and what it will be doing to the next generation of kids. I hope you will continue your journey as I see more and more people looking for more healthier alternatives. I really feel more people are trying to get back to their roots and eating a more simple way, I think people are seeing how animals are being treated and what all these chemicals are doing, all the diseases, the obesity. We really do need more of your videos so people can see what God has provided for us and that we need to take care of our bodies, mind & spirit. Loved this video !

  3. TheImportexport
    TheImportexport says:

    WOW…what BS.  A spoon full of Goji berries having as much protein as a "steak' is a complete lie.  One spoon full of goji berries has maybe 2 grams of protein a 4 ounce sirloin steak has 36 grams of protein.  And any idiot that would put 2 tablespoons of soy sauce in a broccoli dip is freeking nuts that's as much sodium as a person should eat in a day.  Sure soy sauce has good trace minerals but so does kale and spinach.  Raw foods are wonderful just be careful to whom you listen.  Some French chick without common sense or an education, moved to India isn't a reliable source.

  4. Regina Romano
    Regina Romano says:

    I am so grateful for your video. Thank you for spending the time to show us a glance of the raw-food lifestyle. Those recipes look amazing!  I look forward to more videos, for I have just started eating raw and the more recipes I know, the more creative I will get. 🙂 
    That mixer seems to work wonders, do you know the brand?
    Many Blessings from Ashland, Oregon~

  5. LOVE Lyss
    LOVE Lyss says:

    Amazing video! You all should make shortened versions for youtube!  Show a bit of the culture and things you do in India, then tell about all of the ingredients, their benefits and how they are harvested and then share a single recipe (or more if you'd like).  Youtube stars!!!  I am sure ebooks, iTunes exclusive episodes, etc. would sell like hot cakes.  Again, Wonderful job!

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