Raw recipes for raw food diet PART 4 with Karyn Calabrese

Raw food recipes and recommendations from Karyn Calabrese, raw food expert. As a raw foodist, she offers us wonderful insight and opens the doors of her raw food restaurant for us to discover raw food recipes and naural detox weight loss program

Filmed and Edited by: Elena Katardjieva [email protected]

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24 replies
  1. dcphys
    dcphys says:

    Does she have a cookbook with her recipies? Also, i'd also be interested in the master cleanse. I use to be a vegetarian, and have had so much stress in my life, that i've "lost my way", gained alot of weight, and want to get healthy again

  2. Lekachka
    Lekachka says:

    I am addicted to your videos… thank you so much for passing on all the positive and healthy information…
    I wonder if I can do cleanse while breastfeeding?
    Thank you again, you're wonderful for passing on all that great knowledge 🙂

  3. angelbe88
    angelbe88 says:

    Recipes look good. I have found what works best for me is a lot of fruit in the morning ,afternoon and then in the evening I eat my greens and fats. I tried to do more gourmet raw in the beginning but found that I was hungry all the time, had some challenge with digestion, and of course the preparation was time consuming. It's good for transition and once in a while but the true health foods are in their unadultered unprocessed natural form fresh from the tree or ground.

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