Raw Myths Exposed: Fruitarian is the Natural Human Diet

Have humans been eating a raw fruit diet for over 10 million years? Is the modern human body designed specifically to eat a fully raw food diet? Will cooking starches and grains cause bad things to happen to us? Ryan investigates.

Mark’s Video:

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28 replies
  1. Mic. the Vegan
    Mic. the Vegan says:

    We certainly were frugivores but sadly our anatomy has moved past it. The enamel on our teeth has thinned which leads to a lot of cavities for fruitarians, we have a fructose absorption limit (accidental weight loss strategy) and many people are somewhat fructose intolerant. Finally, our modern day inflated fruits don’t even resemble their ancestors that we ate which leads to a yo-yoing in blood sugar. Fruit is as extremely healthy food to include in our diet but there are diminishing returns.

  2. Mena
    Mena says:

    Your friend speaks in such an abrasive obnoxious tone, and manner of speech that I’m cringing and can hardly listen to his parts in the video. He sounds emotional and attacking and it’s unpleasant. How did you get thru listening to it

  3. TimidsFlicks
    TimidsFlicks says:

    So what we're saying is that some monkeys started eating cooked potatoes and that then provided the conditions for their brains to continue evolving into the genius humans we have today!? Ok, so can one of you genius humans explain to me how those monkeys cooked their first meals? Or did someone cook it for them until such time that they were intelligent enough (presumably a few million years on) to cook for themselves? This is science though so we better bend over and believe it!

  4. divusable
    divusable says:

    When your channel deals in science and evidence based on science and you have a bunch of religious people saying we're created like this. Kappa. Tough deal Happy Healthy Vegan

    Love your vids. Stay carbed baby

  5. Kyle Newman
    Kyle Newman says:

    the problem with comparing humans to australopithicus is that Orrorin is millions of years older than australopithicus and was already upright and had the same teeth as modern humans. australopithicus is not a direct relative.

  6. Jerry Shaw
    Jerry Shaw says:

    Thanks, Ryan, for attempting to keep this on a purely scientific footing. I'm a new vegan (4 months, but 4 years vegetarian before that) and I'm kind of surprised by how many of my new "family" think that science isn't to be trusted. We do know a few things based on science. Science sometimes gets it wrong, but look at the scientific basis (i.e. carbon dating, which is based on strong facts and logic). If your religion and science disagree, look carefully at both, not just one or the other.

  7. Thomas Reasoner
    Thomas Reasoner says:

    The only reason to care about what's "natural" is to find what's best for optimal health. Ancient humans had much shorter life spans, so following their example does not seem wise. It's better to put it to the test, as Greger likes to say. I would be interested in comparing mortality and quality of life statistics between raw fruitarians and whole-food, plant-based eaters. Until we have hard data, it's difficult to know which is best. However, there is more than enough evidence to indicate that eating animal products is bad for health, so at least both sides can agree on that.

    Oh, and yes, we did evolve and are continuing to evolve. Evolution is true, folks, and it's really irrelevant whether or not you want to accept that fact.

  8. Saturn1030
    Saturn1030 says:

    Humans can not digest starches without cooking because human body have not evolved to digest starches. So, starches is not a Human Species Food! 🙂
    Many people cough out mucus after eating cooked starches, because beside braking long carbohydrates chains, cooking also destroys organically packed minerals, and your body have to remove it with mucus.
    Cooked fiber can no longer ABSORB toxins released in to the digestive tract that also makes you less healthy.
    Water, inside cooked plant, also get destroyed. It is no longer nourishes your body as it suppose to.

    But on the other hand I have seen so many people who had problems with Raw Vegan Diet jumping into it straight from SAD diet. When they step back into Whole Food Plant Based Diet then they feel SO MUCH BETTER! So, in my opinion if Raw Vegan Diet does not work for you then you should try Whole Food Plant Based diet before saying that Vegan diet in general is not for you. 🙂

    Follow Happy Healthy Vegan, Mic. the Vegan and Michael Greger when you new to Vegan Diet.
    Follow Doug Graham, Loren Lockman, and other raw foodiest when you ready to reach better health for your body.
    In between try to stay mostly raw and add as much cooked food to your diet as your body need to stay in good shape! 🙂

  9. Levi Wallach
    Levi Wallach says:

    I say eat what makes you feel good. My concern with only eating fruit is that you are restricted to a small selection of nutrients that you are missing from vegetables, nuts, grains, and legumes. Not to mention that fruit has almost no protein. You don't need a lot of protein, but fruit has almost zero in most cases. Raw Fruitarians, from the comments below, seem bent on basing their diet on a gut feeling rather than real science. Any science that disproves their point is a conspiracy theory. In my mind, it's pointless to argue with people who refuse to accept anything that doesn't fit neatly into their ideology/religion.

  10. jradd77
    jradd77 says:

    I think people believe Ryan is saying not to eat fruit when he's just stating that it isn't exclusivly what we should eat, as homo sapiens. I mean potatoes and beans are just as healthy as fruit, eat it all.

    Plus while eating just fruit is I guess simpler, it is way more expensive. I've tried it and while I felt good, I feel just as good not exclusively eating fruit and spend half as much on groceries.

  11. David Gardell
    David Gardell says:

    If I’m following my tastebuds here, the very same argument used against “meat is good” – “not without seasoning it with plants!” can be said for a lot of plant foods: I love rice, I love spaghetti, oat porridge, quinoa etc – but without seasoning (and cooking) it, it’s just dull, flavorless af. However, if I’m eating mostly fruits it’s just appealing to me in every way! I’m not fruitarian or anything, tho I love fruits, but it’s just so obvious if I’m following my taste buds and “instincts” (and when tired of being in the kitchen lol)

  12. David Gardell
    David Gardell says:

    I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but why do we mention/brag about our big brains and how they grew eating this or that, when they say we’re only using a small percentage of its capacity? Are we technically bragging about the potential here? 😶

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