Raw Meat or Kibble Food?

Kakoa & Sky try Raw food for the first time. Raw meat or Kibble food? Which will they choose? We have been doing a lot of research on the raw diet and all of the health benefits that come along with it. This was just a little taste to see there first impressions and if we could one day go to a full raw diet. Let us know what you guys think about raw feeding, and Don’t forget to leave us a BIG Thumbs up and tell us what you thought of the video! (:



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26 replies
  1. T M
    T M says:

    Sky's like…"that's dead, I can't eat that! I need something that's alive or grilled and seasoned up! I'm no fool you know! Now let's get that on the barbecue.". :-). Hehe

  2. T M
    T M says:

    Kakao's face has changed quite a bit as she has grown quite a bit also. Losing the puppy face but so beautiful. Love your videos…keep them coming. I could watch one everyday. :). I love videos of owners interacting or playing with their dogs. Especially the sweet moments together. These are more heartwarming than challenge type of videos. The video you recently did of what it's like living with and without a dog was really good. So more interaction type would have my attention.

  3. Teresa Mejia
    Teresa Mejia says:

    Hey guys I love your videos your dogs are some of the cutest dogs I have ever seen and I wanted to know if you guys may do a video of them going to the dog park and meeting other pups I really want to see Kakoa and sky playing they are so adorable

  4. Diane Walker
    Diane Walker says:

    Raw food does seem to be much better for dogs, but like with everything else they can still be picky, lol. Maybe trying different meats or even frozen might encourage Sky. Look forward to seeing how it goes with them both 🙂

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