Raw Meat Diet for Dogs and Cats

http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2011/02/15/raw-meat-the-best-and-healthiest-diet-for-pet-cats-and-dogs.aspx?x_cid=youtube Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian, discusses why it is beneficial to feed your canine or feline a pet diet consisting of raw meat.

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44 replies
  1. StormLaker1975
    StormLaker1975 says:

    I couldn't agree more! Our Scottie began having skin issues a couple years ago. Wanting to rule out any grain allergens, our vet had us put her on a grain-free diet. Coincidentally, I am a waterfowl hunter, and my father-in-law and I have taken on the responsibility of providing grain free treats for our dog. We make dehydrated goose/deer jerky for her, and she LOVES it. In addition my wife and I feed mainly a grain free kibble mixed with a home-made concoction of cooked chicken. We also feed her raw meals 1-3 times a week….she LOVES raw venison, chicken, and beef liver (we have an in for fresh liver), haha:-)

  2. The Man
    The Man says:

    Hi, i have a Neapolitan Mastiff , and was wondering if you could advise me on should i add an extra supplement form of calcium powder into his regular diet for the simple fact that they grow so fast and later become very large animals, Thank You and Happy New Year to everyone.

  3. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    Hey Dr. Becker.

    My bloodhound Harley was recently infected with Ehrlichia and he''ll be on antibiotics for a month to get rid of it. Is there any reason to believe that feeding dogs a raw diet increases their natural ability to stave off illness? He's been fed organic food his entire life (he's six now) and he now regularly gets raw eggs, coconut oil, turmeric, and spirulina divided between his meals. In addition to parasite-borne illnesses, I want to do what I can to avoid cancer, arthritis, and any other nasty diseases that could disrupt his quality of life. If raw meat is part of that key, I will switch him.

  4. Meuw
    Meuw says:

    Thank you!! You have just clearly explained all my concerns with feeding raw. Excited to get started on the raw meat diet. Would appreciate if anyone shares their raw meat recipe for cats :)

  5. Peg Davis
    Peg Davis says:

    It is amazing how effective the marketing is for these dry kibble diets.  The message seems to be that only experts can design a balanced and healthy diet for dogs and cats when the truth is that it is as easy to feed your pets real food as it is to feed yourself.   Food is the number one key to optimum health for your pet.  A dried product in a bag with a shelf life of several months can hardly be called nutrition.

  6. Applepiebetty
    Applepiebetty says:

    Living in the country, our dogs have always chased down mice and eat them in one gulp.  There very healthy and live to be in the area of 13-15 years old.  They also like cow, sheep or horse poop getting their probiotics.

  7. Donna Bowers
    Donna Bowers says:

    Dr. Becker, Just watched one of your other videos about digestion and have realized from my last post that I've left out a very important ingredient in my dogs raw food diet and that's "Digestive Enzymes". This is why she might be throwing up. I'll ad it to her food and see how it goes with her next meal. It only seems so conclusive to her throwing up 4-5 hours after she's eaten. Truly makes sense. I'll repost after her next meal and let everyone know how my dog is doing.

  8. Plan B
    Plan B says:

    I've been feeding my lab/rott mix streak, chicken and fish for years.  He has become hypothyroid at 12 years of age, but it doing quite well.  He is always ready to go for a walk, and people commonly guess his age much less.  Thing is, I have been cooking the foods.  I'm seriously considering the freeze for 3, and feed raw diet for him.  I usually let him inspect the raw steak before I cook it, and he indeed like what he see's. 

    I'm very happy to have found this tube channel.  Thanks Mercola for the valuable source.

  9. Sandra Fuller
    Sandra Fuller says:

    I quit comercial mass produced pet food after the 2007 melamine incident.Figured I could do a better/safer job of feeding my pets and 8 years later my pets have beautiful healthy teeth/gums yet have never had a vet teeth cleaning.No fleas/ticks not in 8 years even though routinely exposed to heavily infested areas,so dumping costly toxic chemicals on my pets.No skin allergies.No stinky body odor so only one bath a year sometimes not even that so no ridicously expensive pet shampoos.Less yard clean up and whats missed doesn't stink and disolves completely within days.Also less litter pan cleaning.No illness in 8 years and only one vet check up a year to do blood work up(all within normal parameters) and titer test.Only reason I ever set foot in a pet store once in a great while I buy toys or new leash collar there for my pets that's it.Feeding raw costs me a lot less in the long run and it's healthier for my pets.

  10. tabbiehopla
    tabbiehopla says:

    this is EXACTLY the kind of information I've been searching for, for quite a while now. I have a 12 yr old dog and have recently developed interest in holistic approaches to good health but was at a loss of where to start (as there are hundreds of health-promoting herbs that I read about).
    I think implementing the changes mentioned in this video will make a world of a difference in my dog's health. (1) raw food, (2) digestive enzyme supplementation, (3) probiotic

  11. Rina Delaplane
    Rina Delaplane says:

    I have been feeding my dogs raw for six years and my dogs love it. I feed only organic meat and vegetables. The meat has to contain also organ meat. 80 percent muscle meat and 20 percent organ meat. The ratio is the same for 80 percent meat and 20 percent vegetables. My dogs love it and turn their nose up on so called "treats".

  12. helpfulnatural
    helpfulnatural says:

    This video should be a required viewing for ALL veterinary students!! I feed all of my animals a homemade diet including raw meats and bones. Not only are they thriving, none of them have needed a dental cleaning in years.

  13. Anne Craig
    Anne Craig says:

    So interesting that people think 99% of highly trained, educated and best of the industry veterinarians advise against raw diets yet this one doctor is right because that is what you want to believe. I nearly killed one dog due to bacteria from raw meat. Two days in the hospital on sub-q fluids and he lived. At least sear the meat on all sides to kill bacteria. As for me, I will never feed raw. I feed dehydrated raw and other very safe and just as nutritional foods. Believe what you want but be prepared. 

  14. Ice Man
    Ice Man says:

    I've got both my Beagle/Basset hound and my Jack Russel/Beagle dogs on raw diets, and I get more shit for doing this than I could have imagined. It becomes the focal point of conversation when I introduce my dogs. Usually the first response is,"You're crazy!" My response is,"No. YOU'RE crazy for feeding your unhealthy dog such a poor choice of food." 

    A couple of my critics have dogs, and to be honest, those dogs are all but in good shape. Ex. One of them is a pointer/lab mix and he's 7 with kidney issues, and tumor growths riddling his body. Not to mention how slow and out of shape he is in

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