Raw Foods For Babies and Children

Processed baby foods that are packaged in boxes and presented in jars are invariably disgusting to the taste. Any mother who has tasted proprietary baby foods will know that they taste absolutely revolting. However, if you extract some vegetables from your own meal and put them in a low speed juicer, you will find the blended result is delicious and so much easier to digest than the store bought version. It will also be full of nutrition.

Remember to give your baby only foods that have no added salt, however. This does not mean you are going to be consigned to a salt free diet; just take out baby's portion before you add salt. This also applies to sugar. Babies and young children do not require added sugar and it can seriously damage their teeth and gums by introducing them to a flavor that will result in a 'sweet tooth'. Young children may have honey but do not give your baby honey until he (or she) is a year old as there is bacteria present in honey which cannot be removed without caramelizing.

Sometimes children are 'put off' certain vegetables because the texture is unfamiliar. Use your juicer to make a concoction of minced vegetables that may be sprinkled on top of foods such as lasagne or Shepherd's pie or even Pizza or burgers. The topping will be colorful and probably more palatable to a child. Mix it with cheese to make a toast topping or sandwich filling.

You can make a fantastic 'dip' by combining raw vegetables and fruit such as avocado, spinach, a touch of garlic and onion and some carrot. Pile the dip into a scooped out half of red pepper and give your child some carrot and celery sticks to dip and share with friends.

Use your juicer to make fantastic milkshakes and smoothies. Children invariably love milkshakes and there is nothing quite as delicious as a recipe of fresh fruit and ice cream or fresh milk. Be sure not to overdo your child's daily fresh fruit intake, however, and remember that cooked fruit counts toward a daily allowance of 'five a day for fives and under'.

When giving very young children fruit drinks, remember that whole fruit juice sugar can damage young teeth. By all means serve it to children but try to restrict it to mealtimes. Do not serve peanut based recipes to your child until he (or she) is at least three years old and avoid whole peanuts to avoid the risk of choking. Some women opt to avoid peanuts while pregnant and later on while breast feeding, due to the risk of allergy.

Mince some boiled chicken until it is ground very fine and then add some carrot; spinach and potato. Taste it. You will find it tastes a whole lot better than bought baby food and it will be so much better for your baby than anything you can buy in a packet. Try using your juicer to add some fresh fruit to baby cereal and see how much more palatable it is!

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