Raw Food Rocks!

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Why to eat raw? Quantum physics sees the difference between living matter and dead matter in internal intelligence revealed through the organization of information.

When we eat raw foods, the living matter in raw food, sends information directly to the living matter in our bodies.

Raw foods communicate with your body. They go to work right away, taking orders from your body on what it needs. Live food answers back by delivering the nutrition your body asks for. But dead foods have no voice for your body to hear. If you don’t like me saying that cooked food is dead, how about comatose. Think the information web is completely lost. Try to eat only raw foods at least for a while, you’ll see what they are capable of. They’ll rejuvenate and renew your body.

With living foods, I believe we have a good chance not only of living longer but dramatically slow down aging. I’ve done it and you can do it too.

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17 replies
  1. gadgetnoob
    gadgetnoob says:

    Very interesting and well said. I agree with what you're saying, ma'am. But, I don't think I want to completely turn to raw foods. I'll add as much raw food I can into my diet. May not be as hardcore as you. But, even so. It's much better than nothing. :)

  2. tongresa77
    tongresa77 says:

    Wow. NIce perspective and philosophical. I never thought of it this way. Thanks!
    When I get 80buck, I'm going to buy your electronic facial brush. I'm so excited to get it before I go to Korea for a year!
    Do you have any knowledge on fruits and vegetables in Korea? If so, please let me know. Thanks again!

  3. Jesusislove150
    Jesusislove150 says:

    @vlindervvv while it is true that she look good before, many older women looked amazing when young but when reaching 50 years old, they don't look as good. Raw food helped her somewhat I believe…and remember it's not only the outside but the inside too that counts. She is super healthy at 53 most people arent………….

  4. Lena Johnson
    Lena Johnson says:

    Eat raw for a few weeks then come back and comment on how your skin and face looks. Eating raw makes your skin glow, smooths it out, de-puffs your face and tons of other things. It does make a huge difference in your appearance no matter where you're starting from. 

  5. raena
    raena says:

    Tonya, I remember you said not to eat after 2pm, when should you stop drinking water? I usually dont drink water right before bed because I burned my esophagus lol, but is it a similar principal? Thank you for your videos!

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