RAW Food – Puppies 1st Time – 3 Weeks Old

In this video I show how I introduce raw food to my puppies during their 3rd week.

*To answer a question I know I will get in the comments:

Yes, it’s OK to feed your dogs ‘RAW’ bones. It’s only COOKED bone you should never feed your dogs – including those large Smoke Bones they sell at pet stores. Cooking the bone makes it indigestible, brittle and prone to causing obstruction of the g-track and perforations in the bowel. Canines are meant to digest raw bones and have been doing it for thousands of years. Don’t take my word for it though, I’m just some guy on YouTube… lol. Do your research. I’ll provide some links down below if you’d like to do that. I’ve been feeding this way for over 20 years with great results.

*Muk-bang or mukbang is an online broadcast in which a host eats large quantities of food, while interacting with their audience. Usually done through a webcast.

I feed my dogs the B.A.R.F. Diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods). Here are a couple of books on the B.A.R.F. diet I recommend by DVM Ian Billinghurst.

Give Your Dog A Bone

Grow Your Pups with Bones: The BARF Program For breeding Healthy Dogs And Eliminating Skeletal Disease

Here is a good online resource if you are looking to get started feeding your dog a raw diet…

RAW Food amount calculator – How much to feed

Vet GivesThe Health Benefits of Raw Feeding for Dogs…

Watch video and check out article linked below on the dangers of commercial pet foods and myths about feeding raw…

Some other RAW feeding videos I recommend below…

Is It Expensive To Feed Your Dog RAW Foods?

Does RAW food make dogs aggressive?

Guide to feeding dogs RAW food

How to feed your dog RAW food

How to feed your puppy RAW food

***Here is a playlist of 100+ videos of my dogs and puppies eating various things on the raw diet…

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44 replies
  1. Tom Ellsworth
    Tom Ellsworth says:

    After doing a lot of research i just started feeding my dogs raw diet . with the kibbel i would put the food down about the same time every day and they would sniff around it maybe eat a little sometimes not and it seemed like they would wait all day hoping we would give them something else to eat . Anything but the kibble . By the end of the day when they realised nothing else was coming they would settle for the kibble. Now with the raw diet they are excited when they know that food is coming and they eat it all within 15 min of putting it down for them. Also with the kibble ,the alfa would sometimes not let the other dog eat. With the raw diet she is to busy enjoying her own food to be worried about what the smaller dog is doing. I think switching my dogs to raw diet was one of the best things i could have done for them . Like everyone else i had always heard never give your dogs chicken bones. I didn't know what i didn't know. Thanks for all your great videos love your beautiful dogs .

  2. Cas
    Cas says:

    Beautiful, they grow up so quickly. Do they take the new food well? I'm always afraid of upsetting my puppy's stomach when I introduce new food to him. When feeding dogs is it good to stick to a diet that works for them or feed them a wide variety of food?

  3. J.P.L 79
    J.P.L 79 says:

    Eh? Who keeps giving thumbs down? Dog food reps? This channel is an excellent place to learn. Wish I'de found this when my pup was a baby.

    What's even nicer is the dedication to the dogs. Just pure relaxation.

    Like a lycan puppy brain massage.

    The seven sons are looking good as always thanks for the information.

  4. David B
    David B says:

    Hey Chadde, great video as always. Them pups are growing fast.
    Want to let you know that that little black pup in my videos…he passed Friday evening. His health started going down hill a couple days prior. I think he had internal bleeding due to an accidental injury caused by one of my large dogs. Little rascal had a short life. But, he was a strong little bugger. I took him to the Humane Society to be cremated.

  5. Helen V
    Helen V says:

    Hi so i started some research. Netflix, amazon prime: "pet fooled" is a movie everybody who is a petparent should watch.
    I also started my pups by adding a chicken liver a gizzard and canned spinach to their kibble. Will do a slow transformation. Right now they are farting pretty good. Hopefully the bifidus and acidophilus will help. I can tell you they loved their food. And my fav he saved the chix liver for the last bite! Hi to.your prescious babies! 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾❤🦇

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