Anneka explains what the BARF RAW FOOD diet is and why it is so beneficial to both dogs and wolfdogs – Follow Anneka’s handy guide and demonstration of several recipes you can make at home as she makes some dishes for her Czechoslovakian wolfdog Kumi to enjoy.

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Filmed and Edited by Agata Rucin
Presented, directed and Produced by Anneka Svenska
A GreenWorldTV production

Disclaimer: Please seek your vet’s advice before you proceed with this diet if your dog has allergies or any health concerns. The advice in this film is based purely on Anneka’s experiences and by following this advice the viewer agrees to take full responsibility for any health concerns you may have following a change of diet.

I am not sponsored by Natures Menu – I simply like to use their food products.

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46 replies
  1. Atticus
    Atticus says:

    I once gave my (Jack Russel) dog a chicken leg and he carelessly chewed away on it and the bone, much like pork ribs, splintered and the sharp edges made him squeal in pain as he swallowed it (potentially also causing damage to the stomach). To be clear, the dog was fine and lived a happy comfortable live to the age of 16, but this raises the question of whether giving bones is advisable or how to go about this? Also, with the raw egg, is salmonella a concern? I know cats have no problem with eating raw chicken or egg due to their strongly acidic stomachs. Also, are you really circumventing the harmful factory produced side-effects of "normal" dog food when you're just getting supermarket sold, pre-packaged, factory produced mince? Thanks!

  2. Stacey Segovia
    Stacey Segovia says:

    She is a a beautiful wolf dog I wish I can have one but I live in apartment I don't know if I could have those dogs in my apartment maybe to keep me company cuz I'm going into surgery for my foot cuz I had a peace of meal inside my foot 🐺🐺🐺💖

  3. Daniel Rittegar
    Daniel Rittegar says:

    I seen some one walking a brindle American pitbull Terrier siberian husky hybreed with bouth ears sticking up and and it has the body of a brindle pitbull and fur like a siberian husky and it had one blue eye and one regular and it made my gsd mixes look like junk yard dogs

  4. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs
    Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs says:

    I would recommend Nurturing By Nature as all this is done for you with bone added and ground together. Lots of variety of meats. Eggs should only be used once or twice a week. Salmon can cause Salmon Poisoning Disease. I will not feed it ever. Where I buy mine all meat is tested for safety. They deliver here in the UK . Much cheaper then Natures Menu. Human Grade meat from the catering trade. Great video though Anneka. Thank you 😉

  5. Buddy Piper
    Buddy Piper says:

    great vid. my collie is so much better off since we switched to barf 2 years ago. i love to hear him crunch up whole chickens. his poop is always perfect with barf. he even eats whole goat heads when the butcher has them.

  6. Daniel Rittegar
    Daniel Rittegar says:

    My friend has 3 50% gsd/50% coyote hybreeds and 2 50% siberian husky/50% coyote hybreed and one pure white gsd siberian husky hybreed that weighs a 120 pounds with one blue eye and one gsd eye it is the king of the pack and the leader

  7. Tatziana Perera
    Tatziana Perera says:

    Loved this video Anneka. My dogs love raw food and I can vouch on everything you said as my dogs are so healthy and I have never taken them to the vet for 3 years now. I have fed them raw food since they were pups so they are pretty much use to chewing the food without me having to blend the vegetables. They even chew the egg shells without me crushing it. They love green leaves too, have you tried "Kankun" ? it's a very healthy leaf, my dogs just love chewing them at anytime I make it for ourselves. Duke my Husky mix loves natural food he eats kibbles only as a last resort lol. My american Lab had never eaten raw food until I adopted her, she just copies my husky mix Duke in everything he does and now she is a very healthy and happy dog 🙂 try murunga leaves too, it's a super food both good for humans and dogs.

  8. Godonstilts
    Godonstilts says:

    I have two and they also get the raw diet. We just buy in Nutriment, premade and far more convenient. It is more expensive than the grain/cereal crap, but you also need to feed them a lot less of it, so it works out about the same overall. Also, i just give them straight up carrots as treats – they love it, whole so they can chomp away like a lollipop!!

  9. Becki Gude
    Becki Gude says:

    Hello Anneka! I saw your wonderful talk at Brighton VegFest and was wondering about what you fed your dogs being such a passionate vegan yourself. There are many people out there that actually feed their dogs a (balanced?) vegan diet and lots of brands starting to develop new varieties of vegan kibble – but I have been in two minds about whether this is the right thing look into. It's simply the thought of buying meat products (including kibble) which goes against my views on boycotting the supply and demand of industrial farming – do you ever feel the same? I struggled watching the mincing up of the animals in this video but your dogs are clearly thriving and SO beautiful! It is clearly the right thing to do but the struggle is real! At the minute my lurcher is doing really well on a Royal Canin Kibble – her coat gleams and she is full of energy so i will be keeping her on this for now.

    Thanks again for another wonderful video… even though i was a bit squeamish 😀 xx

  10. Matthew Ramirez
    Matthew Ramirez says:

    I appreciate the guide on raw diets Anneka, I say you did pretty well on explaining how and what specific things you need to make it the perfect diet for our dogs. I think you'll be great if you start a raw food channel for dogs cause I had a laugh watching you fail to crack an egg open correctly lol, I don't know about anybody else but I found this really entertaining. ❤The vids keep them coming

  11. Diana Hernandez
    Diana Hernandez says:

    I have read so much about a raw food diet and would really love to put my Presa Canario mix, Bella, on one. The only problem is that she is a picky eater to begin with. She wont really eat raw food, or dog food for that matter. She wants everything to be cooked. Has anyone had this problem before? If so, how do I encourage my dog to eat a more balanced, healthier BARF diet?

  12. Senapsdesign
    Senapsdesign says:

    Hold your horses there. There is very little scientific evidence to back up the claims about improved health in dogs on barf diet. Shiny coat is usully realted to getting enough fats in the diet, not necessarily the right diet. There is however alot of research suggesting that there are risks to a barf diet. First, dogs should not eat as much proteins as wolfs, they can actually get to much protein. If i remember right they can develop allergies from too much proteins too. Further, eating bones has killed dogs, even raw bones. Alot of vets will tell this too. Also, they can get the very same diseases as us from raw meets, such as for example salmonella. So make sure that the meat you bought is salmonella safe. Last, not all "commercial foods" are the same. Here in Norway, if you go for a small brand that uses a lot of money on advertising how amazing their food is, they have likely put little or no money into research. The largest brands here however have cooperated with the universities to ensure that even if the dog eat nothing else its whole life they should get all their dietry needs fulfilled. So here, cheaper is even better.

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