Raw Food Experiment Day 125 – The Results are IN!!

Last night I ate cooked food – BIG EXPERIMENT! I’m committed to gather information that is valuable to others interested in nutrition and ‘going raw’. This experience and how it made me feel offers some interesting insights…

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26 replies
  1. SugarGlazedSeaCows
    SugarGlazedSeaCows says:

    Every day people feel sick because of what they eat but they don't realize it's the food and they think it's normal to feel this way because everyone else feels that way too. Except for the raw foodists and the high carb, low fat, low salt vegans. The evidence is really there.

  2. Gianna Brachetti-Truskawa
    Gianna Brachetti-Truskawa says:

    I love how you say gnocchi, many people get this wrong 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experiences, it is really interesting what kind of transformations the raw food diet can do for you.
    How did you feel at the very beginning of trying to go 100% raw? Sorry, haven't seen all your previous videos yet.

  3. Tesla Nikola
    Tesla Nikola says:

    People should definitely go Raw Vegan, but please don't sucked into the HFRV lifestyle, but live a 100% LFRV lifestyle. Also, if you can't eat raw vegan all the time, or there isn't enough fresh organic fruit available, try the RAWTILL4 program that Durianrider and Freelee promote. McDougall style meals are also one of the best. Fruit is king and queen, starches are a great back up plan ie. Brown rice, corn pasta, sweet potato, beans etc.

  4. Chrissy Runciman
    Chrissy Runciman says:

    Very interesting. I need to convert to raw 100%. I get heartburn and have to take omeprazole regularly to drink wine, eat cheese, meat, cooked food and especially grains.  I get what you are saying too, having experimented for short times with raw food and juices. And when I eat wheat based foods, I am always hungry!

  5. Nadir Ahmed
    Nadir Ahmed says:

    Hello everyone. Fantastic clip.

    My bro was formerly a flabby. He revolutionized himself from 283 lbs of fat into 215lbs of real muscle. I could not believe it! I just joined personally coz I wanna strengthen. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

  6. Mark Jackson
    Mark Jackson says:

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  7. RUS38
    RUS38 says:

    Those who are 100% raw vegan need less food. They don't feel hungry often. Some go for days without eating (not forcing) before feeling hunger again. Some people literally forget about food then realising they didn't eat anything for days (a story from 8 year raw vegan). The reason to it is because nutrients, minerals and vitamins are readily available in abundance and absorbed more efficiently than in cooked food and since raw is digested quickly the body doesn't work hard and saves energy.

  8. RUS38
    RUS38 says:

    When I switched to eating mostly raw food my tastes have changed. I never though that I would ever like the taste of raw cauli and brocolly. But as soon as I started eating them it wasn't bad at all I think I just tuned my mind to it. But after a while I noticed that I actually enjoy the taste of them and a lot of other raw vegetables even those that I used to hate like pumpkin. It's because microflora is changing so it sends signals to the brain which in turn alters your taste buds.

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