Raw Food Eater Got Sick

Yep! Raw Food Eater gets sick 😉 Well, in this raw foods video, I explain all of what happened from my perspective.

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43 replies
  1. Ruth Allen
    Ruth Allen says:

    Yes yessssss.. intellectually we know, we might even have dealt with our 'thinking mind' but the underlying hardwiring still runs in the depth of our being… We were born into this indoctrinational hardwiring… – heart you glow vibrant again soon x <3

  2. Ruth Allen
    Ruth Allen says:

    nah! your words are saying you feel great and you are great, but your 'ojas' is low brother.. you are no oozing wellness.. and thats OKAY – bless you for sharing with us at this time.. Its almost like when we share with others we feel abashed if we get sick!! I felt really embarrassed being a life long yoga teacher and ending up get hip hop replacment!!! Time for some solid grounding food. Juice is good for some disease and not for all.. (in my experience) blessings to you

  3. Robyn Benson
    Robyn Benson says:

    I hear the sinus issue when you talk – you have a classic "cold". Detox? If that's what you want to hold to, that's fine, but what's so bad about being human, and "catching a cold"? I agree that you lowered your resistance with doing more and consuming less. I just don't get why you're putting yourself in this elite "I don't get sick" (like common peasants?) category. IMO, occasionally getting sick is good because it builds your immune system. Hope you're back to 110% soon!

  4. Heidi Cox
    Heidi Cox says:

    It really does make perfect sense! Explains whay everyone and I mean EVERYONE in my office has been sick and I have escaped ~ I don't feed into the mind game of sickness and I eat really, really healthy. Thanks Matt! Oh yeah, Hi Angela and Oria!

  5. Julie T
    Julie T says:

    So when anyone adds or takes away certain foods or adds exercise to their daily routine, they need to be aware that they might detox and try to take action accordingly to balance themselves out so that the side effects aren't so bad. Right? Like taking probiotics, more fiber, more water and things like that….am I correct?

  6. Vi McShannon
    Vi McShannon says:

    What it is,is if you did all this exercise and didn't change your diet. It's not' detoxing'. Viruses and bacteria are everywhere even on us. What you did was lower your immune system and allow them to become active in your body. If you are eating clean you don't detox. You are just doing a normal thing like everybody else. Fighting a virus. Do you see what's going on here?

  7. fairychild4ever
    fairychild4ever says:

    Off subject but Im curious about your lifestyle in regards to furniture, clothing, Beds. Are you 100% organic ? Orias clothes, are they organic? What kind of bedding do you have? Are your couches etc organic? Hemp? or just local ? Down to your socks? Im curious. Would love a tour

  8. jessica taylor
    jessica taylor says:

    Yes, I agree about the exercise point but I think the issue here may have been a mixture of stress to the body, but that not only being hard core exercise. Most hardcore exercisers or at least the ones I know take in plenty of or enough of calories, protein, and carbs to compensate for all the calories/fat burned. I don't believe Matt was doing this. The body gives in eventually.

  9. Ramona Mehrbrodt
    Ramona Mehrbrodt says:

    Matt ! this is so simple 🙂 you used more energy and weakened your body with exercise and sauna and you did not fill up with food… so you gave more energy than you got back… sauna is stress for the body, it is good but you have to know how to do it… ask the Scandivians :)…and if immune systeme is not 100% sauna will weaken the body more otherwise it will strengthen the body…

  10. Holly Marie
    Holly Marie says:

    Matt, I do understand how/why your body is detoxing at this point. My question is, did you start the intense exercising to initiate a detox? Or, did you decide to start exercising more, and the detox fell into place afterward? If it wasn't your plan to initiate the detox, could you have simply upped your food intake to "make up" for the burnt calories?

  11. MindyM
    MindyM says:

    Nor is there any reason to think it is not a virus. The truth of the matter is, we don't know for certain and neither does he. All of these folks diagnosing and speaking from afar as if they KNOW what it's all about is almost laughable. Life is a mystery, illness is a mystery, and far more complex then we want to believe. Humans want to believe that there is an easy cut-and-dried explanation to everything, because that makes us think we can always be in control. Only…we can't.

  12. bdsignnn
    bdsignnn says:

    …yeah buuuut, the heat from the sauna can grow the fungus so be careful, know what your body wants and what it doesn't. I learned the hard way after 5 sessions of sauna, my body was all flared up and I now stay away from heat. Keep the body cool if it is overheated.

  13. Faye Parker
    Faye Parker says:

    I agree with Freesoul22. I have overestimated my immune system as well because I thought I was so healthy. But you have to take the personal out of it. First if you are sweating & doing saunas as well, those are stressful to the body because even though you are detoxing you are also losing minerals. You've simply got to replace what you're losing & increase nutrients. Isn't learning new things fun. Thanks for sharing so we all learn.

  14. Tiffany Stevens
    Tiffany Stevens says:

    hey Matt I have an 11 boy from the time of his birth he being detoxing what I mean is every morning he wakes up cold running from his eyes and noses I change his diet he he less mean and more veggie but not much of a change

  15. Creativesuns4ever
    Creativesuns4ever says:

    there are emotional, mental and spiritual changes that have to take place before you can thrive on a raw food vegan diet for long periods of time, and then as your journey continues you will lose your desire for raw physical foods and began to desire other forms of light . these are deep spiritual journeys that prepare the body mind and spirit to be able to exist in the higher planes of light that we know as realities, and most people are just not ready yet..

  16. Bonnie a
    Bonnie a says:

    I was wondering how you avoid fluoride? It seems as though you know a lot about clean living and I am having trouble finding a way to avoid it without having to purchase a fluoride filtration system which can be expensive.

  17. Michelle Bell
    Michelle Bell says:

    You have reached the point where you have detoxed a lot and pretty much leveled out, do you think that by pushing your body and keeping food intake the same that you were able to tap into toxins that you were not able to before? That you can only detox as much as you improve your diet, so if you improve your diet a little bit then you will only detox a little bit, and each time you step it up you detox more. So your detox never stops you can always push it further… is that what you are saying?

  18. Marcus B
    Marcus B says:

    once you have kids and they get sick and then you get the EXACT same symptoms they had, you begin see that certain viruses and bacteria do actually exist and seek the human body to proliferate themselves. peace

  19. Real Sustainment
    Real Sustainment says:

    A simple suggestion that will probably help you understand a little more about how exercise, especially very high intensity exercise, affects the body according to Mike Mentzer.  Mike used phrases like "in-roads to recovery" to explain what high intensity exercise does to the body.  Mike would suggest that people simply do a warm up set, and then one max set for a specific exercise.  Mike claimed that any more was actually counter productive.  Mike did not always believe this strongly, but later on, working as a trainer, he saw and documented the results witnessed in his personal training clients.  Mike was a very intelligent bodybuilder and trainer.  Mike was not a man without bad habits or faults, but his training knowledge is  sweared upon by many many people including Dorian Yates.  Dorian said that he would never have been Mr. Olympia if he had not been trained by Mike.  Dorian admits that he over trained due to being in a contest mindset, and pushed himself harder than Mike actually trained him.  Dorian ended up hurting himself a few times training to intensely and NOT LISTENING TO HIS BODY!
    I hope this helps you.  My favorite bodybuilder of all time is Victor Richards, and if you learn about his philosophy, you might see why he gains a lot of my respect.  It is really sad that more athletes do not really know what makes their bodies work the best they can be.  Most athletes, especially athletes in serious competition circumstances, over train and do not get adequate recovery.



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