Raw Food Diet vs. Cooked: My Experience

Talking today about a raw food diet vs. cooked from my experience. I like to stress that there are so many amazing benefits to be gained simply by following a plant based diet. I have chosen a raw vegan lifestyle and want to talk about the differences I feel between cooked and raw. www.rawtropicallivinggear.com

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10 replies
  1. Collingwoodzone
    Collingwoodzone says:

    You tried eating raw sprouted oats blended with dates? Sweet and filling, pumps the system full of carbs/sugars. Agree that fruit is in a class of it's own but body loves this now and again. Using a lot more sprouts of late esp. Lentils (which are amazing). Interesting listening to you – good thoughts.

  2. Wesley Morton
    Wesley Morton says:

    Do you have access to persimmons? Do you like persimmons? I just found a good connection at a local Asian market and bought 3 cases (fuyu variety) for a very reasonable cost. They are AMAZING. Super satisfying. I live in the southwestern US and am straight mono-mealing right now with these persimmons. Happy man. Anyway, thank you for your video and consistent high-quality discussions/reflections.

  3. Amanda * fruit-eater
    Amanda * fruit-eater says:

    Back again Jack…..looking forward to hearing about your trip to Costa Rica….also wondering – is it easy to apply for a visa to visit Costa Rica ? how about MOVING there ie permanent residency ?? I might look into it one day. Anyway, back to cronometer.com – I had to put so much food in to the online system to get my 'required' daily nutrients…it seemed to be short on calcium, sodium and vitamin B12. I AM a bit skeptical….as I know people who do fine on small amounts of food – some raw foodists only eat once or twice each day….Ann Osborne in her book, 'Fruitarianism – Path to Paradise' lived on just oranges for a few months, and also melon another time. I also read Professor A. Ehret's book 'MDHS'…where according to his writings and experience, we don't need that much food really esp once body detoxed and in healing mode. Prof Ehret went hiking in Europe on just fresh cherries…he had so much energy. I just could not eat all that food I put into Cronometer which incl 30 bananas….plus the cost would be very high. just curious as to your thoughts or other readers.

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