Raw Food Diet vs Cooked: Absolutes

Let’s talk about the raw food diet vs cooked today. I find that too many people talk in absolutes when it comes to a plant based diet. I’ve personally found the raw vegan lifestyle not to be so black and white. www.rawtropicallivinggear.com

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9 replies
    SEEM KEMET says:

    I just gave up cooked foods.. the sweet potatoes I just ate feels like it ate me.. now I’m dizzy and all. I don’t like calling it raw food because raw backwards is war .. call it natural food. Original state. If you can’t walk up to it and eat it it’s not meant to be consumed.

  2. tattooed vegan
    tattooed vegan says:

    "The best version of a plant based diet is the one your actually going to follow" I knew you were gonna say that.. lol….great video & Btw, I worship the potato!! I love them! 🙂 Haha , I hate when people knock on my door too,,lol

  3. Multicast
    Multicast says:

    Hey I looked under your playlist section and found a category titled "recipes" but all the videos in that particular playlist are of other people…do you have videos where you show people what or how to make tasty raw vegan meals? besides the obvious fruit and veggie mono meals? If these videos exist do you bundle them somewhere or am I missing something…

  4. Stephanie Long
    Stephanie Long says:

    Another great video Jack! I used to think fully raw was the holy grail of healthy eating, but I no longer consider that to be the case so I just follow my own intuition, along with a bit of research from reliable sources. For example, I just stumbled across a video about sweet potatoes by Dr Gregor. Turns out they have a cancer zapping protease inhibitor that I would miss out on if I stuck to the fully raw dogma.

  5. Plant Based Naturopath
    Plant Based Naturopath says:

    “The best wholefood plant based diet raw or cooked is the one you are going to follow” I agree completely!! I was so obsessed with fully raw at the beginning of the year and when I caved and ate cooked I felt so much guilt and regret and I would eat totally badly. Now I don’t beat myself up about cooked plant foods. Dammit if I want a bowl of steamed broccoli I’m gonna eat it and love it. I think the mental extremes and trying to be “perfect” are not healthy for me.

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